legacy linings.....

  1. Does your tote, or ergo have it. Was this the reason for your bag purchase?

    I'm looking at a mahogany tote with this lining, I have fallen for it (blushes) so much that in the last 2 days i've bought 3 of these items .. lol
  2. At first I was lured into purchasing bags with legacy lining for the lining itself! Then I realized that a beautiful lining is not enough for me to justify paying that much for a bag! So, now I have one bag (slim flap in white) with the legacy lining plus a few accessories. And I genuinely love those and I actually use them! I am a sucker for a gorgeous lining though!
  3. I LOVE that lining!! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!:love:
  4. I love the lining as well. I have the Ergo Pebbled Leather Medium Tote...and the demin signature stripe tote from last summer. I also have the ponytail scarf, the mini-skinny (too cute) and wallet to match the denim tote. And, the stripe wristlet...love this stuff. Just makes me so happy!
  5. none of my ergos have this lining....I just bought them b/c I LOVE them!!!!! :love::love::heart:
  6. I love the Legacy lining for sure, but it wouldn't be my deciding factor when purchasing a bag! If it has the Legacy lining , it's just a bonus!:yes:
  7. My ergo tote has this lining and, while it's not the only reason I bought the bag, it WAS the deciding factor between the tote and the hobo. But I love the bag itself so much, that now I wouldn't care. But I have to say that I love the way the lining peeks out of the tote. SOOOO cute!!!
  8. I love my Ergo, too, Mommyville...!! But mine has the bonus of the lining! I was looking at it today while I was out shopping and the sunlight hit the lining and it was TDF!! I now have 2 purses w/the lining and just bought the legacy stripe wristlet...My friend also gave me the legacy stripe bracelet for Christmas.

    To conclude my diatribe....I LOVE MY LEGACY!!!!:tup::tup::heart::heart:

  9. I totally agree with this, legacy linning is just a plus, i wished my tote had it tho. It is so beaituful and colorful it puts me in a good mood :angel:
  10. it's in my ergo tote, my ali, and my legacy wristlet. it's the main reason that i bought the legacy striped beauty case.
  11. My large Demim Signature Stripe tote and my Ergo Tote have the lining! I would have to say it's just a perk of these bags! But I do love the lining!!
  12. I have always been drawn to handbags that have cheerful lining. I find a solid drab color lining (if the material is blaaah) annoying and boring. Mostly because it is not very functional for me because it it is frustrating finding things in a dark hole. Now I do have a hobo with a beautiful brown satiny lining that I really like. So I guess there are exceptions :upsidedown: Would I buy a bag just for the lining ....the answer is "no." But, would it cause me to pass on a bag if I really did not like the lining..."yes." In fact, I have passed on handbags in the past that the lining just did not do it for me. I guess the bottom line is that the interior and exterior are all one package (so-to-speak.)

    Yes...I Loooove legacy lining too:heart:
  13. the reason for me bailing out from buying
    carly and getting an ergo tote instead is
    exactly this!i thought il get over the lining
    when tattersal came out but naaahh i love
    the legacy lining too much to pass on it!!:p
  14. Beautiful Legacy Lining is not enough to get me to purchase a bag.
    I do love the Legacy Lining though and I love the tattersall lining as well
    so much that I purchased a pair of Tattersall sneakers at Macy's.
  15. like many i'm drawn to this lining. Not buying a bag just for the lining but doing my best to find said bag with that lining.

    One said their legacy wristlet has this lining, do all of them or only select few ?