Legacy Lining and Color Transfer?

  1. Not sure which forum to post this in-- LV or Coach-- so I'm going to post in both.

    Do any of you keep Vernis accessories in a Coach Legacy bag with the striped lining?

    Do I need to worry about colour transfer with my Vernis in a Coach Legacy bag?

    I'm super-paranoid about my new Broome wallet in baby blue and I've been keeping it in the dustbag in my Legacy Shoulder bag but people look at me funny and it's a real pain in the ass.

    Anybody know whether the Legacy Striped lining will color transfer onto my vernis?

  2. Don't know but I would use a chameleon liner or a pursekette to protect the inside of your bag.
  3. I've never heard that the Legacy lining has color transfer issues. I would doubt that it would because then it would likely bleed on itself in humid weather or when the lining touches itself.

    I've heard of the red LV damier lining having an issue, but never with the Legacy.
  4. I've been carrying legacy white wristlet and legacy pond wallet in my striped bags and it has not transfered.
  5. I can't answer your question about whether or not Vernis accessories will cause color transfer but, if they do, I can tell you that a Tide To Go pen would probably get it off. I had color transfer on one of my bags with Legacy lining which came from a black Legacy leather wallet. I got every speck of the color transfer off with a Tide pen and once it dried it looked brand new.
  6. i have not had color transfer...i have a white leather wallet, a camel leather wallet, and LV azur with no issues in my ali/ergo tote.

    my vernis is pomme, so color transfer wouldn't show as it's dark.
  7. Oooh, thanks, Mokoni, I'll have to try that!