Legacy Line~ Need Advice please

  1. I use to have over 20 Coach bags and through the past years I developed loves for other bags and sold all of my Coaches. Mainly because the Signature stuff was getting quite old with me and prices were rising. I thought the older plain leather Coach bags were the best.

    So now it brings me to this. I love the Legacy line but I have questions. Is it hyped too much? Is the quality like their older style bags? The price is a little ridiculous on the Mandy and I'm torn. I really would like the Legacy Leather Shoulder bag #10328 in Natural.

    I've looked on eBay and it's a weird thing. Most people are trying to sell the bag for much more than retail. One person wants a 999.00 BIN for a bag that retails 398. Haven't seen any sellers I would want to deal with yet so I might just get it from Coach.com. But on eBay many of the bags are very scratched. I used to have an old Coach leather bag that some Balenciaga Conditioner did wonders on. Is thsi the same? Do they scuff scratch as easily as it appears and will conditioner help?

    Will I regret a look back into Coach with this bag? And does the strap fit comfortably on the shoulder? Thanks so much for any help you can give me. I appreciate it...

  2. Now I'm really confused. On the Coach site the bag says it's 10328 but in the actual pics of the bag it says 10342???? Which is correct? Anyone have this bag? I'm boggled.
  3. I have the Legacy Shoulder bag in whiskey. I am returning it to Coach
    to get the Pond one. I have the Ali Bag in whiskey and love it. I was fortunate enough to purchase the Mandy Courier on eBay for $530. It is coming in about eight days, I will post pictures when I get it.

    I like you strayed away from Coach for four years. I don't like or wear signature and Coach was not making anything that I liked. The shoulder
    bag is a great bag and the leather is the vintage leather of Coach from
    yesteryear. You should get the bag in any color you can get it in. Don't pay more than $398 for it though. I want to honestly tell you that I don't
    particularly like anything at Coach right now except for the Legacy Line and
    only the 65th Anniversary Collection. I have not cared for any of the other bags at all and I live in New York City and get to see them all as we have manyflagship boutiques in my city. Get the bag, although it is pricey you will not regret it. It is a timeless style that will never go out of fashion. The leathergets more beautiful with each wear and takes on a beautiful patina. I can attest to the Legacy 65th Anniversary Collection being the Best ever as I already have three bags in this collection.

    The Ergo Line is coming out in early April and they will have a beautiful
    small Tote and a Large tote in signature and all leather as well as a beautiful
    hobo. These leathers are the sturdy leathers from yesteryear. The styles
    are very simple and classic in design and if you may like it as well.

    Come back to Coach because it looks like for this collection they finally
    got it right. Good luck deciding on a bag from the Legacy Collection.:rolleyes:
  4. Any reason you are returning the Whiskey? I think the prices are so high on ebay because the Whiskey is sold out. Any feelings on the Whiskey Vs the Natural? And what about scuffing on scratching easily? This is my main concern.
    The Vintage line leather does seem back to the basics and that's good. I felt the quality on the leather trim on some sig bags have really deteriorated in quality over the last couple years.

    Thanks for your info. I am still debating what to do. I should go up to the store to see it in person but it's an hour away.
  5. I am returning the whiskey bag because I have the Ali in Whiskey and just would prefer another color (pond or tan) for the Spring. Do note that the whiskey leather does scratch alot and you are not supposed to use Coach Cleaner or Conditioner on these bags. I understand that the New Spring Colors (tan/Pond) do not scratch as much. But do note that the scratches can be removed by rubbing them out with the natural oils from your fingertips. If you love the whiskey go for it. I just want another color, preferrably a Spring color as I only own black and brown handbags. I am moving in a new direction (into color). Get any Legacy leather Bag and you will be happy.
  6. I just got the legacy shoulder in pond - the leather does show marks easier than some of the other bags I have, but I think it is going to add character. ;)

    I was having problems with it slipping off my shoulder, but that was w/o anything in it, so once I load it up - it shouldn't be a problem. Also, I have WIDE shoulders... we're talking linebacker here, so that might have something to do with it!!

    All in all - I think the legacy line is gorgeous and even though I had started swaying away from Coach and going to other brands, I felt like I really needed (wanted) one of the legacy bags, because it really emcompassed what the brand stood for... sappy, huh? :graucho:
  7. I have the Legacy Leather Satchel in Whiskey and LOVE IT. that is my fav color of all of them and sure it scratches but it looks good! and most of them do rub out anyway. I am very glad I bought it, but it was rather expensive at $698 retail that's more then my Speedy 30 was! It does however, fit on my shoulder which is nice.
  8. I have the shoulder bag in whiskey and I LOVE it. It's perfect. It does scratch easily but, like others have said, you just rub the scratch with your finger and it goes away. You're not supposed to use any conditioner or moisturizer on the Legacy leather. The leather is meant to "age" with use. Mine's looking even better than when I bought it now that it's getting worn in. I've even got rain on it and the rain spots just kind of gradually blended into the rest of the leather.

    The shoulder bag is heavy but the strap is very comfortable. It's wide enough that it spreads the weight out evenly on the shoulder and so it doesn't feel as heavy on the shoulder as it does in the hand.

    As for the style number, I'm not sure what's going on with that. When I search for 10328 on coach.com, I get the shoulder bag, and when I search for 10342 I get the Mandy signature courier.

    Anyway, welcome back to Coach!
  9. I agree with everything that's been said about the shoulder bag so far - it's a wonderful style and extremely roomy without being too bulky. I have it in plum suede and whiskey and love it so much that I'm probably getting it in pond as well. The whiskey, like Siala just said really does age well and the scratches, etc. rub out and blend in. The legacy leather is also great quality. I hope this helps. Keep us posted on what you decide.
  10. I was in the outlet yesterday and one of the SA's came up to me and admired my whiskey shoulder bag. She said they did get a few legacy bags in but they sold out very quickly and didn't know if they would receive anymore. Actually, I think because this bag is just so right for me, I am having trouble getting excited about other bags. It holds a lot of stuff, it feels comfy on my shoulder and l love how it looks.
  11. Wow, thanks for all the info. I guess I am going to have to go for it. If there is one more chance I'm going to take, it should be this collection. If I don't like it I could always sell it or return it. I really wish Coach would take a new direction. All the CC's make me crazy anymore unless they are a subtle black on gray, etc. And with the multitudes of fakes, you don't feel you have anything special when everyone around you is carrying some sort of Sig Bag, fake or real.

    But I am a sucker for leather. Good leather like Coach used to have before canvas took over. I bought a double pocket flap satchel and the leather seemed unsubstantial to me. That's when I drifted to Kooba and Botkier.

    I'm going to look some more and probably go for it. I already called the 2 Coach stores that are an hour away and they both have no Legacy bags. They said they took out what they had and now they are only keeping them in a few select stores. She said there were no Legacy bags in Pittsburgh now. I don't know what is up with that.
  12. I Love The Legacy Bags & I Can See Me Wearing Them 5 Years From Now Too. I Also Own The Mandy In Whiskey & Natural ,please View My Collection & Albums To See Them.

    I Dont Worry Much About The Scratches Because I See Them As Marks Of Character & Charm.

    I Will Say That I Own Purses Of Pond,whiskey,white,& Natural
    - And The White & Natural Colors Are Easy To Conceal Scartches With Simply Rubbing With Your Fingers.
  13. Oh great...Thanks Cha Cha for the great pics in your collection. I got to see the natural and whiskey in a natural setting to get a handle on the real color.

    The last all leather Coach I had was a smaller pouch/demi bag called the Coach Liberty bag. Some people called it the Freedom bag. It was a great leather and the scuffs would just buff out. Does anyone remember it? I'm hoping the leather is similar on these Legacys.
  14. I agree the legacy whiskey bag is great. I goes so well with many outfits and is especially wonderful with my Frye boots!
  15. I was in a Dillards store today and they had the satchel bag, the Mandy and the Ali in the Whiskey and there were more than one of each on the shelf. They can't be too sold out yet as they were also having a huge sale on Coach and these had not been marked down a penny.