Legacy Lily Satchel Question

  1. hello all!

    It has been quite a while since i have posted. Got a new job and took a break from purses for a while. But man I have missed you all! I was so busy ddealing with work that I forgot to use my coupon from the June PCE event! can you imagine?

    But now that I am in my new job and ready to start getting a new purse as a "Thank goodness you got out of your old job and into a new better one" gift.

    I got quite a large raise and am going to treat myself to the new Legacy Lily satchel (plus i got a gift card from my old job and got paid out vacation). I was looking online the other day and could haev SWORN that there was a teal version. But now it does not apper online. Can someone tell me if it is sold out already, i was imagning things? I'm going nuts?

    I don't want to get the wiskey since I ahve the satchel from last winter in that color.


  2. Sold out - Atlantic. Might be able to get it at the boutiques if there are any left in any of the stores. Please make sure you check it out in person if you can.
  3. I think the atlantic is sold out most everywhere as there were fewer made in that color than in the whiskey and black. I have it in black and LOVE it so you may want consider getting that instead since you want to treat yourself. It is a great bag!
  4. WOW. Okay. I am going to check out my boutique up the road right after work. eek! I jsut saw it in the store like 2 days ago. can't belive it is gone!

  5. The Columbia, MD store had two yesterday -- you could try there! Good luck!
  6. I hope you find her! I would love love love to see pictures!
  7. WOW! you little miss spoiled princess! ;]
  8. My sister LOVES her black Lily! She just flew to PA and used it as her carry on bag.

    She carries it mostly on her shoulder.
  9. There is one lily left in the atlantic at the Seagirt store in NJ. I have it myself in the same color, bought it the same week it came out, it is amazing, and am still getting compliments for it. Everyone loves it....HAVE BEEN CARRYING IT TO WORK EVERYDAY...
  10. ^^ KALPANA!!! Pics?? :wtf::biggrin:
  11. pics are there in another thread by maz I believe. It actually reads pics of lily in atlantic.

    beautiful bag.