legacy leather wristlet owners..

  1. how do you like them? what can they fit?

    I'm thinking I may need one down the line..
  2. wondering
    does /did the legacy wristlet come in the pink????rose was it?
  3. I got mine today. I'm not loving it. :sad: I'm hoping it grows on me soon, or I'll return it. The leather is different than I thought it would be.
  4. I love it! When I last used mine I carried my cell phone, lipstick, a tampon, tissues, some money and my ID. I got so many compliments on it!

    Oh, and I got my keys in there, too.
  5. mine should be here tomorrow. will let you know then!
  6. This is my black one and I love it. I mainly use it to carry cards that I can't fit into my wallet, and for easy access - I put my driver's license and my check card in the outer pocket. But I'm positive it would hold much more. I :heart: it. :yes:
    IMG_1026.jpg IMG_1036.jpg IMG_1037.jpg
  7. I use mine to carry all my cards. Store cards, business cards, etc.
  8. Okay, it's growing on me. I haven't taken the tags off yet, though...
  9. Bethy - whats not to love? Looks great over the internet. What color did you get?
  10. I got the whiskey one. I LOVED it online but the leather quality doesn't seem the same in person.
  11. Okay, here are pics so you can see what I mean. From further away the leather looks smoother but it's kinda bumpy up close.


    Up close:
  12. Bethy - yours looks gorgeous! My black wristlet is the same way - bumpy like that. It's just the way the legacy leather should be (although I am still at odds over the new shoulder bag they just sent me :shrugs: , but that's OT for this). I think yours is adorable. Just give it some time to grow on you, I think you'll love it. :yes:
  13. Yeah, I'm sure it's how it's supposed to be, I didn't think there was anything wrong with it or the way it was manufactured, i was just surprised because I've never seen it in person before.
  14. the leathers don't match. i noticed that in-store.
  15. What do you mean the leathers don't match? Do you mean the leather from the bags sold a month ago or so to the ones sold now, or did I miss something with the wristlet entirely? :confused1: