Legacy Leather top handle pouch

  1. Do any of you have this bag? Seen it IRL? I ask because I am looking at getting it for my sis for her 29th b-day and it seems just big enough for a nite out, like the description says, but is it too small?

    Photos would be awesome! Even in the sig print. She is taller than me 5'10".
  2. I am wondering this too, does anyone have pics?
  3. hmm...i don't have one so i don't have a pic. BUT if you've ever seen a pouch from us...that's the same size...but there's an outer pouch attached that can fit the nano easily with room for it to move around...

    for a night out if all she needs is cellphone and a small wallet or loose change and a lipstick you're good to go.

    but you can't put the pouch over your shoulder unless you're super slim, i have seen a customer pull it off.

    i'd recomment a wristlet or a wristlet flap as that's what i use for a night out.

    do you have a coach store near you to check out? or maybe nordy's or macy's with coach?

    hope i helped :/ even w/o pic.