Legacy Leather Slim Tote or Ergo?

  1. Sigh...

    I REALLY love my new Legacy Leather Slim Tote; it is just gorgeous. I couldn't really decide on the Ergo but after seeing Saila's pictures today, I'm really thinking about that bag, too. It seems like it holds so much, which I need, and it's starting to grow on me.

    Should I wait for the PCE and add the large Camel Ergo to my collection or is it too similar to my Leather Legacy Slim Tote? My tote is great for files, etc, if I need it but don't use it currently as an everyday bag....

  2. I love both but the slim tote is one of my favorite bags (I wish I had one) The new catalogue has the slimtote in signature !
  3. I like both! - they are different shapes. Would you get a different color?

    Glitter Girl: Does the new catalog have any NEW LEGACY ITEMS (handbags)???
  4. I like the slim tote too. I do think they are different enough that if money's not an option, get both. Will you use both?
  5. I just saw pics from another post but haven't seen the catalog itself. I spelled catalog wrong the first time, don't know what is wrong with my spelling lately, must be all of that leather sniffing LOL. I love the smell of new bags !
  6. i just bought the legacy slim tote yesterday. i had two ergos (hobo and tote) and have since returned both. but i am in love with my slim tote! the legacy is more structured and fits better on the shoulder, for me.
  7. what color did you get? I got one in white.
  8. I love the slim tote!

    Since I have the ali in white I am getting the natural
  9. i got the white slim tote. i loved the natural, but i have a whiskey shoulder bag- and i wanted something different.
  10. I love the Ergo tote, and I think it is a "retro" style that will never go "out"...I vote Ergo!

  11. I've always liked the legacy tote better, but if it fits well over the shoulder that seals the deal for me.
  12. don't get me wrong, i think the ergos are cute. but they're just not for me. they just look awkward on my frame.
  13. I've got the legacy slim tote in Natural and it's just gorgeous. I really like the structure, the lining and the turnlock closure; it's just I love how much the Ergo seems to hold and thought it might be better as an everyday bag, but still not sure.

    I don't know that I can really justify owning both and I have to say that my first love is the slim tote. Maybe I'll go visit my SA again and take a look. It's possible it could be a PCE item and keep both; I just don't want two bags that are too similar since I already have an Ali in whiskey.

    I usually carry a planner and some other writing materials, so the slim tote reallyl appealed to me on that level--kind of a combo purse/briefcase.

    Thank you!