Legacy Leather Shoulder not on Coach.com

  1. The canvas and the signature fabric is but the leather is not offered online anymore?

    Anyone know why?
  2. You're right, that's strange.
  3. It has been off the site for about 2 weeks now...
  4. it's probably sold out.
  5. They weren't sold out a couple of weeks ago and they were already off the site. I posted about it here. At the time I called they told me they had 1 blue, 5 rose, black, and white (didn't get #'s on black & white - but had quite a bit) left. I ordered 1 blue and 1 rose (I posted pics in the Pond or Blue?? thread).

    My guess is they are promoting the non-leather for Spring/summer and we will get new colors at the end of summer in the leather. Maybe some SA's know the real answer.
  6. i should get my act together and get a rose one then

    and new colors?

    i hope they'll introduce a light greenish or even emerald greenish as a leather color.
  7. omg green (like a yellowy green or lime) would be sooooo gorgeous
  8. i always thought they took stuff off the site once they hit below a certain number in jax. oh well.
  9. I did too Kallison!
    We will have to just keep watching the website to see what happens.
  10. I thought that too. But, I've noticed when I've called to ask about something specific, many times they've had the item, and not just a couple of them either. I wondered if it just had to do with what they wanted to promote on the site, especially from current catalogs. I was surprised how many legacy stripe items were still available and yet none were on the coach website. KWIM?
  11. maybe it's reverse psychology. we see it on the site one day, off another. and then we get all panicky we lost our chance and order it up real quick.
  12. Hey, that would work on me. I'm a total sucker for that. As soon as it looks like the chance of me being able to get something goes away, I'm always snatching it up. :roflmfao:
  13. Still not back up?:confused1:
  14. i still haven't gotten the rose one! must do that
  15. The SA in the Burlington mall (mass) store told me they had 300 left as of 3 weeks ago and they weren't getting anymore in and they would be redisigned and then released. I don't know how accurate this info is, as i have gotten conflicting info from people before.