Legacy Leather Shoulder Flap.. I hate it!

  1. I was so excited to get mine in in whiskey today, I opened it up and.. ew? The photos made it look so cute but it's sooo not my style at ALL. I'm sad, it's my most expensive purchase ever and I don't like it. I think I'm just going to return it and wait a little longer until something catches my eye. I just couldn't believe how much I dislike it!! Last years Legacy is sooo much cuter. :crybaby:
  2. Oh no, Candy, I'm sorry :sad: ...that's the worst! I have been hearing so many people echo the same sentiment: 07 Legacy isn't quite measuring up to everyone's expectations. I wonder if this means that once this year's Lecagies sell out there is going to be a lot of higher prices on eBay (sigh)...

    Thankfully, you can return it and wait for something you love :yes:
  3. Bummer. I'm sorry to hear that. I know the feeling though, that initial "ick" that just won't go away. I know I wasn't impressed with the style when I first saw the picture. It just isn't "me".

    Definitely return it and get something you'll love.
  4. Sorry to hear you don't like it. I tried getting on in clay but couldn't. Can you post a pic though?
  5. Sounds like me. I returned mine on Friday. I HAD it in black.
  6. Oh no! I am sorry to hear that! That stinks... but atleast you will save some money! You should love the bags you wear. I think the 06 legacy bags are the best! :tup:
  7. Candy, I am sorry that the new shoulder flap did not work out for you. I have one in clay and am probably going to exchange it for a different color. I do like it but do not love it. The only New Legacy Bag I love is the Gigi Tote in Clay. That bag really rocks in the clay color. When the SA's in my store saw mine three of them said that they liked it enough to purchase it for themselves. If you don't like the bag just get the Ali Bag in whiskey, you can get one on eBay or at Coach.
  8. Liz, I wholeheartedly agree about Gigi in Clay. I own that bag, and it's just gorgeous. So chic.

    Unfortunately, the first time I wore it I got a couple Windex spots on it. *Don't ask* But it's still looking good.
  9. Stophle:

    I have not worn my Clay Gigi yet as I am waiting for the fall. I plan on conditioning my bag before wearing it with Applegarde leather conditioner. This way if I get a spot on it it most likely will come out by using the applegarde conditioner to remove the spot. I condition all of my smooth leather bags with applegarde conditioner. I do think that once the Gigi patinas and darkens a bit it will look really great and the spots won't even show. Congrats on your Gigi tote.

    kind regards,
  10. Aww...sorry to hear that candypalmer! What a letdown to pay so much for a bag and then to not even like it a little!
    I totally agree with you on the new Legacy. It is NOT for me. I love last year's Legacy and am on the hunt for a leather Legacy shoulder in whiskey before they become horrendously expensive on eBay. I lucked out and got a signature one a few weeks ago for under $200.

    Definately return it and get something you will LOVE.
  11. Well I'm looking around ebay for a Whiskey Ali. lol it's funny I gave mine away, but I wanna get a newer one anyways I suppose. ;) I'm returning this bag today. My credit card will feel that much better! ;)
  12. Wow, that stinks. Sorry :sad: Hopefully you will find a beautiful Whiskey Ali in no time-good luck!
  13. Oh, man, Candy! That's rotten luck. Hope you find your newer Ali!
  14. I don't see specifically the "legacy leather shoulder flap" on the website...what exactly does it look like??
  15. Sorry to hear about that, but one day your "perfect fit" will pop up!