Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag

  1. Hey All!

    I am new here, just found this awesome board...

    Anyway, I'm a Coach fanatic and I am OBSESSED with the Legacy Leather SHoulder Bag in Whiskey.:heart: :heart: :heart: It's sold out on the Coach website, can any of you point me in the right direction on how I can find this bag?
    I live in boring New Mexico, so we don't have a Coach store here or anywhere near me for that matter.


  2. I believe it's sold out in stores too but you can try calling the 800 number for Coach and asking them. You never know! Otherwise, you'll have to try eBay. Be sure to post auctions in the authenticate this thread though to be sure that it's real. And I love New Mexico! Santa Fe and Albuquerque are the best! Anyway, good luck!
  3. $610?!?! Wow......

    There are a few others on eBay now. Good luck finding it....it's a great bag!!
  4. I saw a bunch today at stores in Manhattan, NY in Whiskey! As a matter of fact I have a small wristlet I bought but have to return because it doesnt match my boots!
  5. you can also try calling some of the Nordstrom stores in northern calif.......
    they still had one or two left..and they could ship to you
    that way you are only paying retail and you know it's authentic
    there is a nordstrom in san jose at valley fair mall

  6. Hmmmmm....you saw some in Whiskey?? Which stores? I just called and they said they gave me a number for a store in NYC that supposedly had one but when I called they said they didn't have it. I have GOT to find this bag:drool:
  7. samikins
    i called nordstrom here in calif
    they found one for you at another nordstrom
    if you are interested please call gorgette at the valley fair nordstrom asap
    408 248-2180
    she will ship to you
  8. *deleted post...added to other "legacy" thread*
  9. That was so nice of you, I hope she gets it!
  10. You are so sweet! I also called Nordstrom and they gave me a different one to call, so I'm going to call them both in the morning! Crossing my fingers!!!!
  11. That's really cool of you! I saw one in Palo Alto the other day...I hope she gets it!
  12. Just ordered one!!!!:happydance: This is my 30th birthday present to myself, now I can't wait to get it! Nordys is so great! ANd you guys are unbelievable, thanks for being so sweet:love:
  13. Great! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy your wonderful birthday present!!
  14. please post pic's ! i seen it many times but always enjoy looking on a new one.