Legacy Leather Satchel

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  1. I know I'm cutting it close, but I can still get it in time. My wife has hinted that she wants the Legacy Leather Satchel, anyone seen it? Is it worth buying?

  2. Its a yummy satchel. Your wife will be so happy.
  3. That's a great choice and it's definitely worth buying. Which color are you getting? The Whiskey is pretty popular. I have a whiskey colored bag and adore it!

    You are such a sweet husband! :yes:
  4. The Legacy Leather Satchel is Gorgeous! The interior is delicious. I know the Whiskey is a popular color but I am in love with the White.:P
  5. She showed me the satchel in Whiskey, but the shoulder in white "in case I thought the satchel was too expensive..." so I'm not sure which color, I think the Whiskey Satchel. If she wants white, she can exchange it I suppose. I don't frequent the store, unless she is with, so hadn't seen one in person, but if she likes it, I guess she'll get it. And yes, I do think it is too expensive, but I'm not going to tell her that!!!!
  6. lol...smart man!
  7. She'll love the whiskey satchel - you're a very good husband!
  8. she will love it ! and if it doesn't work out ,she can exchange it !

    cha cha
  9. I own the white and it is fabulous. I would choose the white over the whiskey but whichever you choose, she can always exchange for the color she prefers.
  10. I have it and trust me, she will love it! It is very worth it!
  11. Your wife will love it!
  12. :girlsigh: your wife is lucky-- but i'm sure she knows that already.

    i think that the legacys are worth it if you love it. because the style truly is a timeless one. bags like the stitched lace, or the beaded totes are gorgeous but you cannot get away with wearing them everyday like you can with the legacys.

    of course i say this because i tote my ali along with me everywhere i go, so i definitely think it was worth it, considering $498/365=1.36

    $1.36 a day for that bag! better then borroworsteal.com if you ask me ;)

    and definitely i'd recommend the whiskey because the white is high maintenance :yes: which is the color of my ali.
  13. ms-whitney...what makes the white high maintenance? I have the white so I would like to know :confused1:

  14. lol b/c white is usually easier to get dirty, or show dirt, so you have to be careful where you place it, who you let "slide" past you that may touch it, etc.
  15. :graucho: