Legacy Leather Satchel


Dec 18, 2006
She showed me the satchel in Whiskey, but the shoulder in white "in case I thought the satchel was too expensive..." so I'm not sure which color, I think the Whiskey Satchel. If she wants white, she can exchange it I suppose. I don't frequent the store, unless she is with, so hadn't seen one in person, but if she likes it, I guess she'll get it. And yes, I do think it is too expensive, but I'm not going to tell her that!!!!


Sep 6, 2006
I know I'm cutting it close, but I can still get it in time. My wife has hinted that she wants the Legacy Leather Satchel, anyone seen it? Is it worth buying?


:girlsigh: your wife is lucky-- but i'm sure she knows that already.

i think that the legacys are worth it if you love it. because the style truly is a timeless one. bags like the stitched lace, or the beaded totes are gorgeous but you cannot get away with wearing them everyday like you can with the legacys.

of course i say this because i tote my ali along with me everywhere i go, so i definitely think it was worth it, considering $498/365=1.36

$1.36 a day for that bag! better then borroworsteal.com if you ask me ;)

and definitely i'd recommend the whiskey because the white is high maintenance :yes: which is the color of my ali.