Legacy Leather Satchel

  1. I noticed on the Japan site they had the Legacy Leather Satchel No. 11130 in camel- I wonder if that color is available in the States-The website is only showing Black & Whiskey right now-It would be nice if they added the gardenia and clay as well
  2. I thought I would post a pic of it
  3. I've been wondering if you can call JAX with the item number, and if they'll be able to place the order for you even though it's a Japan bag.
  4. Sorry it didn't work-lol
  5. That's a good idea-Thank You!:tup:
  6. I have no idea if it will or not, but when you find out would you please let me know? I've been really curious about that. :smile: Good luck!
  7. I will try calling tom and will post to let ya know-TY
  8. Yay, thanks. :smile:
  9. Well I called Coach they have 3 dozen left in camel available with no replenishment date-Now my dilemma will be retuning my Leigh in camel-Do I get the Legacy satchel in camel and Leigh in Gardenia or do I just get the lily?:nuts:
  10. ^What color Lily are you thinking about? Whiskey?
  11. Yes I would order it in the whiskey although I think the atlantic is absolutely gorgeous-and I already own the legacy satchel and soon to own the Leigh in black-So I don't think I need another black handabag-Like I really need another handbag at all-LOL-Why am I so obsessed?
  12. ^Yes, I am familiar with your internal struggle. I have a black leather Leigh, a black leather Satchel and black leather Mandy (and some smaller bags, too). How could I possibly need another black leather Legacy bag?

    Anyway, back to your dilemma: it's a tough call. I think I'd go for the camel Satchel and gardenia Leigh. Although, Lily isn't going to be around for very long... ugh. I don't envy your decision!
  13. That's the route I was leaning to as well-I get 2 handbags for a little more $ than just getting the one-but that one is pretty awesome-that's what makes it so hard-Hopefully they are still available 9/14(PCE)-Both satchels are very limited