Legacy Leather Satchel

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  1. Hey everyone
    I just have a question.. when you all are talking about the legacy leather satchel, especially in the "essentials" thread, are you talking about this one?

    I wasn't sure, because it seems like so many of you have the shoulder bag.. TIA!!
  2. Yes, that's the one.... gosh, I love that bag... :love:
  3. ***swoon***
    I have the whiskey satchel and it is my true love :heart:
    I have the shoulder in Pond but the Satchel is my fav!
  4. I picked up one of these at Coach once to look it over, and it felt like it weighed 20 lbs. Is it hard to carry?
  5. I really want one of those! I am strongly considering getting one in pond.
  6. They're quite heavy, yes, but so beautiful... :drool:
  7. I love the form. Has anyone seen it in the khaki color?

  8. That looks like one classy bag. :yes: :tup:
  9. Okay.. just checking.. that is what I was wondering too.. how heavy is it? Does anyone have personal pics of them?? THat is one beautiful bag!!!
  10. I LOVE the khaki color!! It does look a little heavy though... but worth it for the bag. *nodding*
  11. Well, now that I FINALLY have my charging cable, I can charge up the digital camera and take a picture of mine to post. *yay!* Yes, it is a heavy bag, just like all the Legacy stuff, but so worth it.
  12. I wanted the geranium one soooo bad, but everyone is telling me its so heavy, I just can't justify that

    but it's gorgeous in any color!
  13. ^The geranium one is what I have. Yeah, it's heavy, but it isn't like carrying around a bowling ball or anything like that. I think it's totally worth it!
  14. I love that bag in the brown!! I had thought about seeing if I could get one during PCE, but I don't want to order it and then not like it because it's too big/heavy.....still deciding though....
  15. if not for my back I would totally agree. My dr got mad at me when he saw me with my sig legacy shoulder bag (oops)

    I'll just be jealous of yours! :yes: