Legacy Leather Satchel owners, have a question

  1. This is style no. 10330, the big satchel with the zipper and dogleash closure. Do you find it a hassle to get in and out of? My sister and I were discussing getting it, but if it is a big hassle to use, it would just sit in my closet, and it's not a cheap bag. Please let me know what you think!
  2. i have that in sig: i just dont zip it all the time.
    And IMO i think the cuteness outweighs the hassle.
  3. My bag is always unzipped too. i love my satchel so much that i dont care about the dog leash closure.

    in my opinion, IT'S ALL ABOUT ADAPTATION !
  4. ^^ and cuteness !
  5. mine is halfway unzipped most of the time. never have felt a danger of things falling out etc.

    sometimes the dogleash is a pain in the neck, if you're in a hurry to get something out, or if you can't find something when you're in line at the store. for that reason i leave the dogleash unclipped most of the time.
  6. It's actually not too bad. I zip mine up, but can easily get into it. I just unzip it half way (up to the strap that goes over the top) and get what I need.