Legacy Leather: Leigh or Shoulder Bag?

  1. I bought the shoulder bag and it just seems a little too small for me. I'm thinking of exchanging for the Leigh. Does anyone have a Leigh? Does it go over the shoulder easily? Is is larger than the shoulder bag, or will I not notice a huge difference. I've always loved the look of the Leigh but it was just a little over my budget. I'm thinking I'll splurge this time. Which one should I get? :smile:
  2. I had the exact same issue. I also had my heart set on the Leigh but for budget purposes I purchased the shoulder bag. The shoulder bag is a decent size but for everything I carry, not big enough. It went over the shoulder well, but I felt like I couldn't put my arm down flat because of the big front pocket. Well, after I received my PCE card, I returned the shoulder bag and purchased my beloved Leigh! The size accomodates everything I need to carry and then some! It also fits over the shoulder very well and I my arm can lay flat at my side. If I were you I would splurge and get the Leigh, I.m glad I did!
  3. I received the leigh in camel as a gift from my dh and I absolutely love it! It holds more than it looks like it would. I remember trying out the shoulder bag in the store, and realizing it would be a bit small for everything I carry. So if you decide to get the leigh, I think it should be large enough, without looking too big.

  4. Which shoulder bag did you buy? I am asking because I have been eyeing the legacy shoulder bag with the double pockets. I was wondering if this was a problem since the bag fits right under the arm has about a 4" depth. I love hearing what other people have to say about thier handbags...it sure helps when trying to decide:smile:
  5. I have the leigh in whiskey and love it! It fits over the shoulder perfectly and is a great size. the thing about leigh is that if it's almost empty, it can lay flat against you, but you can also fit a ton in there. if it's stuffed full, it's a little more ackward to carry. But I do love it.
  6. I purchased the 07 version of the shoulder bag (with one longer pocket). I am very happy with my decision to return that one and get the Leigh. As I had mentioned I had been wanting that back forever, and I am able to fit all of my things in it without it feeling overloaded.