Legacy Leather Hippie?

  1. Anyone have pics? I did a search and couldn't find any, but I may just be missing them.....
  2. I have a picture of it in my collection. :yes: Its just a regular picture though, not on me. I use it with the white legacy wristlet
  3. Here you go! I have it on the shortest notch and I'm 5'2". If you really like it, PM me (it still has tags)! I fell in love with it, but now I really want one of the new ergos :p
    me with hippie.jpg
  4. I love the hippie! I'm going to get one in white with the PCE. I can't wait. :yes:
  5. Now that I see it on me in the picture, I kinda wanna keep it - my poor, poor bank account :push:
  6. Okay, my 3rd post in this thred - ugh
    I want to clear something up - I saw something on another thread that really freaked me out.
    I AM NOT selling my hippie. But I do know at which store you can get one at a great price (there was only a whiskey and a black left so I didn't want to advertise widely). Anyway, that may have been TMI but I didn't want to offend ...:wondering
  7. meeee! (size reference: 5'6" and NOT small in the least, lol)

  8. Kallison, what's the hippie like as a shoulder bag? Is the strap too long to use it that way? I'm just wondering if it's strictly a cross body. I love that white one!

    eta: kidlearner: Love yours too! Looks great on you!