Legacy leather help

  1. Ok, I went out on a huge limb and bought the Legacy shoulder bag in whiskey. I was not expecting it, but it happened, it was love :heart: . So now I am wondering how to take care of her. I know that you rub the scratches out with your finger, so I am good there. But what about rain? Can I use it in the rain? Should I spray it with something like appleguard or leave it as it is? I am not supposed to use my moisturizer or cleaner on it, right? Can I use this as an everyday bag? Do you think this style will be ok for use year round? Will it be out of style by next year? This is a HUGE purchase for me and the most I have ever spent on a bag, so I really need some honest opinions please. I returned the signature gallery tote in khaki because everyone said it wasn't a good idea for an everyday bag. I do have the signature flap in chocolate, but am still debating it. I am normally a signature girl, but something about the whiskey and all of the talk about it lately, etc. What about outlets, will it be at the outlets? That would really stink! Thanks for letting me ramble, and thanks for the help, Mokey
  2. Hi ! I have the Legacy Shoulder in the Black Leather and I have used it everyday since I purchased it without any problems , I live in WI and we have had sun, rain and snow already, not a mark on the Coach at all. I didn't waterproof it, was told it wasn't a good idea to mess with the leather. So far , it looks new. I thought only the Pebbled Leather was tough enough to survive a WI winter, but I think I was wrong !!
  3. I think it is recommended you not treat the Legacy leather, nor should you use the moisturizer or cleaner on it. But I've heard great things about it holding up for everyday use. I don't think there should be any problem using it as an everyday bag.

    I am not sure how well it will work as a middle of summer bag, though with business attire it should still look fine. And I think the Legacy collection is very classic and timeless. You ought to be able to carry this bag for years to come without it looking dated.

    I think the Legacy collection is a great investment, and I think the Whiskey Shoulder Bag is a great choice! As for whether it might go to outlet, I am just not familiar enough with outlet stores to know. I am pretty sure it would never end up at mine, or if it did it would be gone within hours. I just cannot see a substantial number of these bags going to outlet, or them lasting more than a day once they got there. I think if you love the bag, you should buy it now and not risk it later.
  4. i have the bag in leather and was told not to do anything to it. because its vintage leather they say it will look better naturally aging. I'm with you though....dont really want to ruin it in the rain.

    anyone else have advise?
  5. i dont think they are releasing these to the outlets.
  6. The only thing I know of to protect a bag from water is to spray it. I usually use a Wilson's Leather spray. I haven't had any bags discolor from it, though it does initially darken them before it dries completely.

    But that isn't recommended for the vintage leather, though I don't know why. Nor do I know if it would affect you being able to rub out scuffs. You may want to spray a tiny section on the bottom of the bag and see how it works out or if it affects rubbing the scratches. If it works or doesn't discolor, then you can treat the rest of the bag.
  7. I love this bag! I bought it in the siganture, but still in the box and debating on whether to return it for the whiskey leather. Or even exchanging it for the zip shoulder flap. To me its timeless.
  8. Thanks so much for all of the help. Good news is that hubby loves the bag. I was afraid he wouldn't like it sinceI am not normally a leather girl and this is also an unusual color for me, but he loves it! He doesn't know how much it cost, but hey it is the holidays! Please keep the help coming, I really appreciate it, especially those of you who do have this color and have had it for a while, how is it holding up, is it heavy, etc? Thanks again, Mokey
  9. I accidentally set my Ali Whiskey shoulder bag in a puddle of water (ack!) the first week I had it, and the resulting large spot on the bottom dried out completely. I can't tell at all where it was to begin with. Rain is the same way -- spots that appear and then disappear (unlike my experience with MJ bags!).

    I've found these bags to be medium heavy but not really heavy (again unlike my experience with MJ bags). They don't feel heavy to me when they are empty, which would be a dealbreaker if they did. YMMV of course.
  10. That sounds like fantastic news about the rain spots disappearing! I would have freaked out if I were you about the water spot, thank goodness it dried fine!