Legacy leather 'feel'- advice please!!!

  1. So my sweet BF just got me a black Ali w/ my PCE card (he got himself a wallet and belt) and once i got home I noticed there was a slight dent in the leather by the turnlock.

    I went to exhange it, and the store only had 2 others- the display, which was still nice and quite shiny, and a new one from the back, which looked perfect, so I decided to take that one. HOWEVER... the brand new one has such a soft 'hand' to the leather (and is very very matte), i'm wondering if it will age well? It almost feels like suede, the surface of the leather is so soft... just the surface feels delicate and 'moist' compared to the display bag. The leather is still just as thick and scrumptious, but my concern is that it wont' age as well as other leathers which are slightly stiffer or sleeker. Or will it get that sleeker patina with age?

    I tried scratching the bottom lightly with my fingernail, and it seemed fine, b/c the leather is sooo thick. However, the surface of my Ali really feels more like a moist, suede-like peach skin, and not exactly like the other Legacy leather.

    Of course the SA's were all like "it's all great, supposed to be different, from diffferent parts of the cow, etc..." which I understand, but of course, like the rest of you, *I* care about the details and want a great bag I can grow old with!!!

    So, should I keep it and let it patina? Exchange for another one?

    Thanks in advance... I'll be away for the weekend so won't respond until Monday (won't be using my new Ali until maybe then either!)
  2. The black one I have feels different than the whiskey and the other colors of Legacy Bags I have. I also have a black Mandy that feels the same way. It's kind of funky.
  3. Both my legacy leather shoulderbags have that vintage soft leather feel. My Whisky one has that feel particularly on the front. Even on the same bag there is variation in the leather. I don't think the black will patina - since that has more to do with darkening that anything else - but it should age well. My black one does not scratch like my whiskey - but I do expect the whiskey to patina with age.
  4. I've been gently using my Whisky Shoulder, and it's surface just feels more 'waxy', like an actual horse saddle, so I was very very curious...

    Thanks so far! You guys are great!

    Please keep chiming in!
  5. I have noticed that the black and white Alis tended to feel a little less "rugged" than the whiskey and natural alis. I've never felt one that felt like suede, but the leather definitely felt a bit different. I think it will age just fine. It really has to do with what you want. If you're not satisfied with it, take it back and have them order one for you.
  6. I would also love to hear more about the leather differences too. Please tell more.
  7. It's very possible that different dyes make the leather react differently. When I was in a Coach boutique recently the SA's were telling me how the white leather Ergos look different than all the other leather Ergos. They felt that the white ones almost took on a pebbled look-they were not as smooth and shiny as the black, turq or camel. (I am NOT referring to the patent.)
  8. My white ali feels waxier compared to my other leather bags, but I've been on a squishy leather kick lately (Hayden Harnett, Not Rational naked leather)...To be honest, when I went to our Coach Boutique here, I wasn't sure I was going to walk out with a Coach leather bag. All my Coaches are over 10 years old, so they have aged to a pretty soft leather. The ones I felt in the store were soft, but not to the squishiness of my old coaches, nor the other brands I have acquired recently....

    But I attribute it to a difference in treatment of the leather and frankly the whites do feel a little less supple than some of the other colors (can't compare the legacy line, but with the ergos and others I felt in the store). I also found this to be true of Cole Haan bags (white vs. other colors). But I love the styling and with time, my white ali is going to be terrific!
  9. I'm wondering how my legacy slim tote is going to react to age. I'd imagine it will darken and soften, but there aren't near as many of the slim totes among the Coach TPF'ers as there are Alis, so there's not a lot of experience with it to draw from!
  10. My whiskey shoulder bag definitely feels different than my pond one. The pond has a stiffer, more rugged feel whereas the whiskey one almost feels "moist" (for lack of a better word).
  11. Thanks everyone! I think i'm going to keep the bag I have, since all the other details are perfect and I can't wait to use it! I do think i'm going to put some moisturizer on it at some point though...
  12. Black and white feel alike, smooth/pebbly, combination of stiff and soft. Natural is stiffer, smoother. The brown (which I think has the characteristics of whiskey) has an extremely soft/suedey feel.

    Enjoy your new bag! I feel extremely safe and comfortable using these leather bags. I don't worry about them! I do moisturize mine too.
  13. I totally agree. my white hobo looks like that.
  14. waht a nice bf!