Legacy is leaving......

  1. So it's true! :wtf:

    We got our new floor plan and legacy is being shipped out to be condensed to the larger flagship stores (think chicago, NYC, California, Hawaii, Scottsdale, AZ etc).

    The items will still be available but will NOT be going to outlets anytime soon. We really found this odd because we never had a chance to carry natural, pond and the khaki/white combo.

    So, it's confirmed. The items can still be ordered of course, but just won't be as readily available!

    The next time all stores will carry it again is august I believe for the fall Legacy collection. They also plan on making just "Coach Legacy" stores around the US for just legacy bags, accessories, shoes and wearables :smile:
  2. OH MY GOD! What a mistake!

    Guess they have a lot to bring out for spring?
  3. So they won't even have the pond bags in the store on the 25th?
  4. Spring is HUGE!! I think it's just to condense it and make it more special. Especially since the carly's have been doing so well!
  5. nope :sad: I seriously am bummed about that.
  6. I seriously don't understand why Coach will put lots of items in their catalog that end up never coming to the stores. I guess I just don't understand the sales tactic. :shrugs:

    I was really looking forward to seeing the new Pond color in the store. I'm so bummed. :sad:

    Thanks for all the info sprinkles - I appreciate the heads up!
  7. So when can we walk in and see all the new stuff? (trying to think positive)
  8. Friday!
  9. I think the pond was in some stores (flagship). I don't get it either! Why advertise and not sell in stores?
  10. Does this mean just the bags, or does this also include the legacy stripe items such as the ponytail scarf, wristlet, etc? Are all of the legacy items being taken out?
  11. ARGH! Here I am waiting so I can personally walk out of the store with a pond wristlet..
  12. What upsets me is when stuff sells out before it even goes to stores :sad: I see something in the catalog, don't order it because I wanna see it first, then it sells out.
  13. This is very disheartening. I do live in NYC so we have a Flagship Store as
    well as other large stores so I will see the Pond Legacy and whatever else is brought out. I am upset for my other Forum Coach gals who will not be able
    to see them if they do not live in a large City. Sometimes you just need to see a bag in person. This is not a good move by Coach and I think that they
    will lose sales in the Legacy Line because of this. I love my two Legacy
    bags and cannot wait for the Fall 2007 Line.
  14. Is pond coach exclusive? will it be available in bloomies or macys.
  15. Guess I'll be headed in to NYC more often!