? Legacy in Pink ?

  1. My trip into Coach yesterday was so quick considering it was so busy and I had 2 kids in tow, but I SWEAR I saw a Legacy Leather Shoulder bag in PINK on the shelf behind the register. Has anyone heard of this or seen it?
  2. They had one in pink, it may have been called dusty rose, not sure. I believe it sold out.
  3. ok good, I'm not going crazy then:shame:
  4. you're not crazy...the rose is SUCH a gorgeous color!
  5. My Mom has the Shoulder Zip in rose, it is a lovely bag.
  6. that was on the coach website a little while back, right?
  7. I have the legacy leather flap in dusty rose, and its sold out now.
  8. Shelbell, do you know if they made any accessories in dusty rose?
  9. Shelby...your collection is great!

    The dusty Rose Legacy would be a wonderful summer bag for me if they made it in sig.
  10. I was thinking there was a french wallet in it too??? but I may be wrong on that.....
  11. Thanks!!!!!
  12. The dusty rose definitely came in the shoulder bag, the leather flap, the wristlet, and the framed french purse. Some can still be viewed on the Legacy section of the Coach website.

    Coach - Explore Legacy
  13. Yes I had the same doubt about the Pink Legacy, I called Coach and they said they did have teh legacy in ROSE! It's beautiful I saw a girl with one a couple of weeks ago :yucky: I wished it was mine!!! I have a black Mandy... :love:
  14. Oh shelbell77, your collection is AMAZING!!! :yahoo:
  15. Thank you!:smile: