Legacy Hippies at Gilroy Outlet

  1. I ran into the outlet this afternoon and saw whiskey, black and white hippies in the clearance section. They had the 398 price on them, sign said 20% off but I bet they were less than that as they don't always have the price written on.
  2. I always have the salesperson double check the price in the clearance section. Many times the salesperson would come back and say that no one in the back wrote the clearance price in red on this item. They are suppose to write the discount price in red in the clearance section and then they take an additional 20% off of the red price. At my outlet they have a regular priced section right next to the clearance section and sometimes it gets confusing.
    I've found some very good deals by double checking. I live 7 miles from a new Coach outlet. I'm grounded from shopping for a while. Good luck on your outlet shopping!
  3. The last time I saw one there (a few months ago) they told me the price was something like $240..... great buy!
  4. I sooo need to drive there! LOL.
  5. I was supposed to go to the outlet in Foley and in Gulfport today-never made it as I had to go to the post office. Hopefully will go tomorrow and I will report prices if I go