Legacy hippie flap

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  1. I saw it on line I thought then it was gone and now I can't find it and I called here in Vegas and no one has it....has it just not came out yet? It was 398.00 and maybe I saw it in the catalogue. I really want one. I bought the satchel in black and now I need (notice it's not a want) the hippie flap. anyone out there see one or can our regular SA's give me help....thanks
  2. I just got a new catalogue and the hippie flap is in there (p.16-17), so it looks like you can order it! It's No. 10325 in the catalogue. I hope this helps.
  3. Just ordered it from the store! You're right, you need it:yes:
  4. What's the size on the hippie bag? When will they have it in stores?