Legacy Hippie Bag -- why not listed on Coach site?

  1. I saw this at the Coach store yesterday! I'm a huge fan of the swing packs, and know the Hippie would be great for me. I didn't buy it, as I just bought the Legacy Shoulder in ebony/khaki Signature.

    How come it's not listed on the site? I was just curious.
    Hippie Bag owners -- do you use your's as an every day bag?

    Thanks so much!
    Happy New Year!

  2. I would love to see a pic of one if you can find one. I was in the store yesterday but it was a mad house so I just got what I went for and left.
  3. Definately a cute bag!! Maybe the only ones left are the ones in store?

  4. anotheremptysky -- oh yes, maybe that's it! I better start saving!
    Have fun on your trips to Vegas and Montreal!
    Make sure you check out the Vegas Coach outlet -- It wasn't Primm, but the other one. I was there over the summer and picked up a Signature tote. Great store, but not as big as the Orlando Premium. :smile:
  5. wow thats real cute.

    would make an excellent birthday present.
  6. i don't think the hippie was EVER on the site...?

    but i bought and returned the hippie during the pce. it's cute enough. but it only looks better if you have a smaller frame (and a larger chest seems to get in the way, too...grr). and, imho, it's pretty weighty to be a cross body. BUT, that may just be because i already have back/shoulder/neck pain.

    so, with all that, there was NO way i would have used it everyday. BUT, that's just my opinion. i think someone else had the hippie at one point, but returned it too.
  7. i ordered this from the store, and returned it. They didnt think the stores were going to get them, but they seem to be in all the stores.... It was a limited item maybe thats why its not online?

  8. awww thanks!! I love that vegas outlet (the one by the stratosphere, I always forget the name), but I'm not sure if I'm going to go. monday nights I have a class RIGHT NEXT to the sawgrass mills outlet, and I'm sure I'll be spending plenty of money there this semester :biggrin:
  9. That is really cute. I saw one yesterday in the store here in Virginia. At first glance I thought it was the Ali, then I was like "no i have no idea which that one is" BF said "Thats a first" :rolleyes:

    I like it better in white.
  10. It was never online. I saw a picture of one and called the store to find out the item number and order it. I use it as an everyday bag, and I don't wear it cross-body (I don't find that an attractive look). It hangs lower than most bags, but I rather prefer it that way than snug under the arm like the shoulder bag.
  11. despite my own dislike of the hippie, i bought the white leather one today...oy.
  12. kallison -- that white leather is so hot! I have a Gallery Tote in white leather, I love it. I'm debating whether to go with the black or white (wish I could get both, lol!).

    Thanks! :smile: