Legacy Hippie bag---outlet?

  1. My sister is looking for a new bag--I bought both her daughters coach bags for their birthdays and she has a really crappy bag--I told her it was a SIN for her to go out and her daughters have better bags than her! LOL! So anyway, I told her she'd probably love the Hippie bag. she was in LV last week and went to the coach boutique to look at one--they didn't have them for her to see but told her they could order one for her. I thought they were only at the outlets now? It's not on-line anymore--beside eBay, where would I find one for her and does anyone know how much they are? She's a very casual California gal--laid back and calm and isn't a flashy type person, but I thought the over body bag would be great for her--does anyone love this one?


  2. They could order one for her but i think theyd probably charge full price for it unless theyre ordering it from the outlet...then she'll be charged the full outlet price. I saw a couple of white hippies at the outlet 2 weeks ago (the one in Gilroy, CA) but i dont remember the price...they were in the clerance section though with an additional 20% off the clerance price. You could try calling your closest outlet and check if they have them. I tried it on but doesnt really fit my style but the way you describe her I think it would be perfect for her!
  3. I also saw ONE white hippie bag on clearance at the Hershey PA outlet last week. I dont remember the price either. Have you tried eBay for one that is new w/ tags? I think there were some on there!
  4. :crybaby:I've been looking for one since I heard they were at the outlets. I'm another laid-back Cali girl and love my Ali's but thought the hippie would be a great cross-body bag. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find one yet
  5. Sorry to be the negative one. We found the whiskey hippie at the Gilroy outlet. Hubby bought it for my Mothers day gift. I am not in love with it yet. It is a heavy bag. I have the whiskey shoulder everything fits great and it is not to heavy. The same items in the hippie seem so much heavier.
  6. I have the Legacy Hippie bag in whiskey. I purchased it on eBay as they did not have it in my outlet. I love this bag and have used it every weekend for running around NYC with my kids. It is a very functional bag for me and I find it fits my needs for a weekend bag. I do not find it too heavy at all.
  7. ok, is it big--when you say 'weekend' bag--is it something you carry a lot in? she usually has a daytimer and phone, wallet, etc--I don't know if it'd be wide enough from looking at the pictures on Ebay. She's coming in next week with her girls and we're planning an outlet shopping day in Grove City, Pa at the Coach store so hopefully they'll have one there.

    Thanks, everyone, for the replies!


  8. I fit my french purse Legacy whiskey Wallet, agenda, sunglasses, cellphone and a small notebook in this hippie bag. It is not that small at all. It is way roomier than a swinppack.