Legacy Hardware Question!!

  1. I just got my slim flap from eBay (the black signature one) and the hardware is brass, but it is shinnier than hte brass on my hippie. is this normal? this brass looks almost brand new! i matched it to my hippie and it is the same shape, but the color is much brighter!!

    please dont tell me i got a fake :crybaby:
  2. Post some pictures of both so we can see. I hope it isn't a fake. It was from a trusted eBay seller right?? I'm sure it's okay.
  3. I got mine today too. The hardware is real bright. I'm going to dillards tomorrow, they have legacy sigs and I'm going to compare. I don't doubt that the bags are real, but I still want to look.
  4. ooo...keep us updated on this...k ladies?
  5. I have a couple bags like this, too. The turnlock on my leather Shoulder Zip is much darker than the turnlock on my Signature Flap. The hardware on all of my Legacy signature bags is a lot brighter.



    I also wonder if it has anything to do with the breaking turnlock issue - maybe they had to change the hardware.
  6. I just checked my khaki Signature Flap and I think this is even lighter, yet!

  7. wow that is exactly what it looks like!!! (wipes brow)

    the seller is extremely reliable, sells plenty of bags all the time... has like 99% positive feedback and like 4000+ good feedback
  8. The signature bags seem to brighter more gold brass as where the leather are antique like brass.
  9. here is a pic with no flash!

  10. My signature Ali is the same way - with that lighter brass. All the signature legacy bags should have that light brass color. ;)
  11. oh ok thanks :biggrin:
  12. I ordered my slim flap straight from Coach and the brass is super bright!!!
  13. The signature hardware was a lot brighter and more "Gold looking". The leather was more "brassy".
  14. I prefer the antique look and I wish the signature bags had the antique color rather than the brass.
  15. i think the golder color looks better agaisnt my black signature slim flap... otherwise it would be washed out!