Legacy Handbags

  1. Since the Legacy handbags are not on the website anymore, does that mean they will start getting shipped to Coach Outlets or stores like Nordstrom Rack??
  2. Just curious, which Legacy handbags in particular? In the outlet mall nearest to where I live, I saw just a couple of 2006 Legacy leather shoulder bags in white and in black, but no 2007 ones.
  3. ^^ Do you happen to remember how much they were?
  4. I dont remember the name of it but it was available in a tannish color. It was orginally about $750 and it had two pockets in the front.
  5. Could it be the Mandy? I think I also saw some with two pockets in front but not really sure what style it was as I just passed through them. I guess I was so intent on examining the totes and the Ergos that I just gave the rest a passing glance.