Legacy Geranium Satchel Pic

  1. Here it is - I ran down to the Coach store just awhile ago. It is very beautiful, but very big and very heavy! I'm not used to having a hand held bag this large. I'm going to carry it around the house for awhile to get used to it before venturing out.

    The Coach SAs had never seen one in this color before.
  2. Sorry about it being so large - I tried to resize it.
  3. Congratulations! Very nice, would you say it is more Red, or Pink?
  4. It has more of an orangy-red hue to it. It is not a true red.
  5. Congrats. I love that bag.
  6. :drool: :drool: Gorgeous!!! Thanks for the pic.
    Do you think it's too heavy to use as an everyday bag?
  7. wow, awesome bag. I can only imagine how it must look in real life.
  8. Wow... so pretty!! congrats :smile:
  9. WOW, I love it.
  10. I saw a coworker in the Elevator and she had a Pond satchel, I was carrying my Whiskey shoulder. I so wanted to ask her if I could try it on for weight. We don't know each other so I didn't ask, we just exchanged "Hot Bag" compliments.
  11. Thank you everyone. I'll use it for work, mostly b/c I can carry alot in it, but it will sit in my desk most of the day. I wouldn't take it for long shopping trips, just because I think it would just be too heavy.
  12. I'm so envious! Congratulations on getting such a truly beautiful bag. I would be all over it in a heartbeat if I had the money right now. Awesome, really.
  13. Does yours say this?