Legacy Garcia Bronze concern

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  1. I was considering getting another Legacy Garcia flap bag and am debating between the regular brown leather and the bronze leather. The bronze is really different and unusual (which is totally me). But after hearing everyone's stories about metallics I'm a little worried about getting this type of leather.

    Has anyone had problems with it (like when it gets wet or color transfer onto clothes)?

  2. I can't answer your question about how the bronze will hold up, but I had the same decision to make and I went with the brown. The bronze was so pretty, but all the horror stories I have heard kept me from actually purchasing it. I am glad I got the brown because I do not have to worry at all about my bag. We were caught out in the rain this morning and I for once did not panic about my bag!
    Hopefully, someone else has better knowledge that can actually help you with your decision.
  3. The bronze is the same as my Madeline. I carried it for over a month straight with no problems. It's not a solid metallic so it wears differently. HTH!
  4. It does seem like a "sturdier" metallic than others.
  5. ^^^^^ Sturdier indeed.
    I have used my bronze Legacy flap several times now without any issues.

    ^^^ Yep, it is the solid metallics that you have to watch out for.
    (That being said I cant believe I want a Rose Gold Sabrina knowing what I know about solid Coach metallics AND the fact that this purse has folds in the corners in addition to it being a solid metallic!) :s
  6. The bronze is meant to have a weathered look and show part of the dark leather underneath in some areas. However, I was told they have had some returns because some of the metallic wore off where it was noticeable, but nothing like some of the other metallics. I have a bronze top handle, which I haven't used that much, but I've used the matching wristlet, mini skinny, and wallet multiple times with no problems.
  7. I have the Bronze top handle and have used it a TON (I've had it for about 6 months) with no problems! Go for it.
  8. what are solid metallics, and how do you detect them? for example, the silver leather zoe, is that a solid metallic? or the khaki carly w/gold trim? yes/no, and why??? :confused1:
  9. 'Solid' metallics are when the leather is all the same color/consistency and has no variations in the leather colors shadings whatsoever.....
    For example the copper Zoe, and the steel Sabrina.

    The 'platinum' color is the best example of a non-solid metallic.
    There is basically a base color leather and the metallic quality is somehow bonded to the leather.
    The bronze Madelines, bronze '08 Legacy flap bag and platinum Brigit are all good examples of non-solid metallics.

    Coachs metallics have been known to have issues with flaking/peeling and not holding up as well as they should.
    Remember all of the mirrored metallic Sabrinas that were all recalled not too long ago? Those were a perfect example......

    Hopefully that answers your question and if not I can take and attach close up pictures of the different leathers so you can see the difference between the two.
  10. I've been using my bronze legacy flap for about a month straight now. i got it at an outlet shortly after christmas for $150. there hasn't been a day since i got it that i haven't used it....despite rain, snow, etc. it's held up great so far. the leather does have some "lines" in it, but no rub off or fading.
  11. It's funny, recently we were on vacation and it seemed everyone was carrying a metallic bag...and I was still in mourning from having returned mine due to flaking:sad:. I so want another one but I may have to stray away from Coach for it because I want a solid one.
  12. ^^^^You should get yourself a platinum Sophie!
    I love mine dearly (that is the bag that started my platinum obsession) and you can also wear it crossbody which I know that you like to do.....
    Platinum rocks!
    A word of advice semi-disclaimer though.....I would avoid buying the Pleated Ergo metallic kisslock satchel that is at the outlets right now that is being called 'platinum', when clearly it is not the platinum color, it is the solid silver metallic!

    Sorry about your metallic Leah Bagap......a platinum Lily would make a great replacement for her as well! :idea:
  13. I felt in love with the bronze one at the department store but also had the same concern. Thus, I did not get one!
  14. Hey, Carrie, what kind of metallic is your platinum Lily? I assume the non-solid?
  15. Thanks, sweetie! That's great advice and I would definitely LOVE a metallic Sophie or Lily...especially Lily :tup: I hereby solemnly swear to be on an ongoing hunt for a metallic bag until I can find one :yes: lol...