Legacy from two years ago

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  1. Style number 7466, It was a HUGE bag (in size) anyome remember if it only came in Brown and white?

    I think I want to get one but the ones I have seen on eBay are brown, which I don't need, and white. I have heard the white yellows after time.

    Does anyone remember if this bag was made in a pewter color?
  2. Black would even be cool...
  3. i have been waiting to get this bag as well - i absolutely adore it !
  4. Unfortunately, it didn't come in black. Like you said, it definitely came in brown and white, but I am not sure about the pewter -- I know for sure that the smaller Legacy bags that came out at the same time came in that pewter color. :yes:
  5. yes, it def. came in a metallic.....love this bag!
    it's gigantic, but doesn't look too bad on kelly ripa!:graucho:
    7551_front_zoom.jpg coach%20bag.jpg