Legacy French Wallet

  1. Thanks! You might want to post this in eBay Deals, stickied at the top of the forum.
  2. Yeah, they have a couple on eBay quite often, the problem is the prices. *L* Ouch.
  3. Why are they more expensive than the others, say the whiskey? I dont see the french stripe wallet on coach.com too.. is it sold out? will it ever come back? is ebay the only way out? I love this wallet!
    It is at the top of my wishlist.
    Unfortunately all the ebay auctions go for double to triple the retail! Which I just cannot justify paying =(

    I called Coach yesterday and they said it will be back out for sale the first week of June.

    If I can't find one for close to retail I'll have to wait til June =(
  5. Are they coming back out with all of the stripe Legacy stuff again?
  6. I only asked about the stripe wristlet the first time I called and then the wallet the 2nd time.
    For the wristlet she said MAY after it's sold out at the store (CT) that has it.
    And for the french wallet they said first week of June.
    I see a few listed on the website with dates, like the ipod case, scarves, etc.
    I should have asked about the zoe flap purse, that's another one on my wishlist.
    What were you looking for Cheekers?