Legacy flap vs Legacy shoulder zip

  1. Hi.. please forgive me if this has already been discussed I've been attempting to search for a thread and coming up empty..

    Ok so here's my question--

    Which is better:

    I already have a shoulder bag (pond) and I'm looking for either a black or white bag. I can't really spend the $ right now for the Ali. So I was thinking a smaller bag would be good and I :heart: legacy so.. which do you think is better, and why

    Oh and if you have a pic carrying one of them I'd SO appreciate it!! The "try on" thing on coach's website is not really accurate imho.

  2. If it were me, I'd go for the flap, hands-down. The whole design just looks so much more balanced to me than the shoulder zip.

    Sadly, I own neither, so no pics...just my opinion, which I'm rather fond of tossing around! :yes:

    - TwoSirius
  3. I just like the look of the flap better, myself. It seems more simple, streamlined and elegant. Again, that's imho.
  4. also, I have a legacy stripe french purse on the way. I would ideally like it to fit inside. Anyone know if it will?

    And pics would be great :smile:
    ty again
  5. I have the Legacy shoulder zip and it holds alot!
    I would deff go for that one!
  6. i have the shoulder zip and loooove it!!! i'll try to post some pics later on. it looks small but holds alot! i can put a wristlet or wallet, video ipod, skinny mini, cell phone, gum, lotion, and keys and more in it!
  7. awesome.. ^^ thanks
  8. I like the shoulder zip better than the flap. I've never seen the flap IRL, but it seems kinda small to me. From what I've seen about the zip is that it's basically the shoulder bag without the pockets.
  9. zip
  10. The shoulder zip is a GREAT size! It holds a LOT but it doesn't LOOK big. I have my wristlet, mini skinny, makeup case (full!), camera, phone, gum, a few little things (my PCE card!!!). For reference I am 5'9" and 130.
    Hope this helps. (pardon the wardrobe - I took these this morning in my "hangin' around the house" clothes). :rolleyes:
    IMG_2036.JPG IMG_2037.JPG IMG_2039.JPG
  11. I have both.

    The zip is more practical. It holds a sh*tload! I could fit my legacy stripe french frame wallet, a wristlet, pack of gum, lotion, my sidekick, pillbox, phone and lots of other small things in it.
    Plus the pocket out front helps to hold stuff too.

    The flap on the other hand, I haven't even carried yet. I got it because of the color, but haven't carried it because of the size. If you are having a light day I suppose it'd be fine. I put my french frame wallet in there and it took up over half the space. I didn't feel as if thought i had room for much else.
  12. I think i'm sold on the zip. Now.. which color?!?!?! :smile:
  13. Legacy flap.
  14. I borrowed my sister's flap for this weekend and it's a lot bigger than I thought it was. I haven't' seen a zip IRL though.

    I personally would get black, but if you are itching for a white bag, get white!
  15. I also have both.

    Like PyAri said - the shoulder zip holds A TON!! The appearance of the bag is quite deceiving because it looks like a smaller bag than what it really is. When I carry my shoulder zip I usually carry a large legacy slim envelope wallet, a skinny case (for cosmetics, pens, etc.), a coin purse, and my Treo (and keys, of course). There is plenty of room to spare even with all of that stuff in there.

    I can fit quite a bit in my flap, as well. I usually carry a legacy French purse, a skinny case, my Treo and keys. There isn’t nearly as much extra room in the flap as in the zip.

    Personally, as for looks, I like the flap better. I think it’s such a cute bag! I have three flaps – one in black leather, one in khaki signature and also in black signature. If you don’t have a ton of stuff to carry, I’d definitely go for the flap. If you need more room, go for the zip.

    When I get home from work this evening I will take photos of both bags for you. I’ll take modeling pics and content pics of both so you can really see the difference between the two bags.