Legacy Fans, How Old Are You?

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How old are you if you are a legacy fan?

  1. 18 - 25

  2. 26 - 32

  3. 33 - 39

  4. 40 - 47

  5. 48 - 55

  6. 55+

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I just wanted to take a quick survey. I have seen people post a few times that the Legacy line is great for older people, but not for them. I am just curious as to the general age of the Legacy fans here. I am 27 and don't consider myself old at all and I am a Legacy fan. To me the bags are classic and perfect for the office also. Let me know what you think!
  2. I'm 47 and a Legacy fan. I bought my first Coach, a black Station Bag, in 1988 when I graduated from college.
  3. I am 34 and love legacy. But my litter sister who is 24 think that the legacy is too boring...

    BTW, I love moc shoes and my sister hates them....and I am a mother of two but my sister is single. IMO, life stage matters, not the age....
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    I am 59 and carry my 3 legacy bags proudly! especially my Anna dragonfly!!! age means nothing! it's all in what you do with it!
  5. I am almost 50 and dont consider myself old - wait till you all get there - you will see - I also have a 9 and an 8 yr old - so I guess it is all about life stages -

    What might be thought of as "boring" to a younger person is classic to me
  6. Boo to the damn yah!!!!!
  7. I'll be 43 in November :Partyhat: and I carry Legacy, Poppy and everything in between! Age ain't nothing but a number baby!;)
  8. I just turned 25 and love legacy, my 17 yr old sister loves it too, but only the bright colors, no black or brown. My mom, who's turning 48 today loves legacy too and took possesion of my Camel Colorblock Candace because she likes neutrals better
  9. I'm 39 (at least for the next 7 weeks...LOL) and love the Legacy line - there are so many that harken back to the vintage bags that drew me into Coach oh so many years ago. When I saw the thread with the very first images of the Legacy bags, the shapes and colors totally sucked me right back into the brand that I've loved for over 20 years.
  10. I think it's more about aesthetic than age, and what you put it with.

    I like the legacy bags because they accent an outfit but don't command attention. (I might freak out if someone was looking at my purse all the time.) My outfits focus more on the clothes than the purse.

    I also have a structured, contemporary corporate aesthetic as opposed to boho or decorated or traditional. My home is contemporary, clean lines.

    I do like to find subtle charms for the legacy purses, so I can add a little bit of my own design to the bag.

    I have seen mod shots of bags on tpf that I would never wear, but when I see a picture of a fashion blogger with them, they look amazing.
  11. Sissy u younger than me !!!!! BUT only by ONE!!!!!!
  12. Awwww you my BIG sissy LOL
  13. Right??!! Good answer!!! :biggrin:
  14. I'm 24 and I like the legacy line. There are pieces of legacy that I love and some not so much, but for me its about the bag, not my age. I would say that some of the bags are a little more sophisticated which may entice a more mature buyer but in the end age doesn't matter. We should buy what we love no matter the age or season! :smile:
  15. I’m 47 and I just love the quality of the leather, that’s what matters to me. Will I be able to pull it out of my closet in 10 years and say, Awesome! This is a great bag.

    Absolutely age doesn’t matter at all. You should see my 71 year old mother, she is fit and trim and still rocking it in her jeans that she inherited from her 29 year old granddaughter.