Legacy Duffle vs Isabelle

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  1. Question, are the leathers similar? Which one is lighter, and do they seem to be about the same size in comparison? Thanks!:smile: I just bought a Willis in pink scarlet, and decided she is just too small for me. I want a fushia bag and really love the two above styles, just dont know which one to get in exchange for Willis. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi
    In my opinion the leathers are not similar at all. The Isabelle is to die for. The leather is so soft and puddles and smells sooo good. I have one in black. The Isabelle is what I wanted the Lindsey to be. The Legacy is more structured/tougher leather. I have attached some pics or my Isabelle, hope this helps.

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  3. Thank you for this. I wanted something soft. I really like the look and size of Isabelle. I'm thinking she may be the one.
  4. She is very soft for sure. As far as size she is like the Lindsey except, the handles and the long strap is longer and adjustable. Also she is not heavy at all.
  5. I'm probably biased because I just got an Isabelle, the Madison leather is soooooo soft, and from what I've read the legacy leather is a bit stiffer. Good luck with your decision.
  6. I got the Isabelle magenta this week....it's divine, the leather is gorgeous and soft....the only thing I will mention to you is that the magenta is more purple than pink, it's not really a Fuschia . However if that isnt a deal breaker then def get the isabelle :smile:

    Eta, is there also a Fuschia Isabelle ?
  7. I have the Legacy Duffle and love the texture of the leather. While the Isabella is cute, I don't like the way she folds in whenever I had tried her on in the store. The Legacy Duffle slouches just the way I like a bag to....but it's a matter of personal preference.
  8. DD just went through this last week, choosing between Magenta Isabelle and Fuschia Duffle. Both were at the store so she got to compare side by side and try them both on and yes the size is very similar. Isabelle won hands down!!! She is such soft squishy goodness!
    The Isabelle is more of a purply pink and a bit darker while the Duffle is a definite Barbie pink. Both are lovely but Isabelle's leather is tdf!
  9. I haven't seen the Isabelle but I have the UV duffle LOVE :biggrin: I know this leather has had corner issues but I went ahead and bought it still for two reasons. I love the slouch and I love that the Legacy line seems new, fresh and something different.
  10. I loved the leather on both but prefer the style of the duffle.
  11. I love the color and softness of the magenta Isabelle, but I'm not crazy about the shape. I even like the length of the shoulder strap, but I don't like the rectangularness of her. I like the slouch of the duffle. I like the leather on the duffle too. It is more substantial.
  12. I don't know if you can compare because I don't know if there's any consistency. I have 3 Legacy Duffles and the leather is drastically different on all of them. One is soft, smooshy & wonderful, another is stiff as a board and feels more like plastic than leather (but the color is TDF) and the other one is somewhere in between.
  13. I have both and love them both. Leathers are definitely different. Isabelle looks lighter and softer. The leather on the duffle is thicker, and I feel duffle is kind of a bag you can abuse it. I bought Isabelle first but really could not resist to get the duffle too.
  14. I was Deciding between the duffle and the Isabelle as well. They are kind of similar bags, but as others have said the leather on the Isabelle is sooooo soft. It is a very floppy and squishy bag so if you crave more structure, the duffle is a better choice. I chose the Isabelle for the extra slouch and that the leather seemed for durable against scratching and color wearing off.
  15. Is this the black/silver? I have the magenta, but I want this one too. Thanks for posting the lining shot, I'm so glad it's not light blue!