Legacy Duffle in Cognac or Emerald?

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  1. I really can't decide! I love both colors equally. I do wear a lot of brightly colored tops and think the Emerald might clash. I already have a black and gold leather bag and thought the Emerald would be fun.

  2. The cognac is absolutely beautiful and if you could get both, that would be my vote. But, if you are only going to get one, I'd say emerald. They don't make colors like that often and I'm so completely in love with my emerald duffle it's crazy!
  3. I want both so bad! Maybe I should get the Emerald and try and find the Cognac later. I think both would be perfect for fall! I can't stop thinking of the Emerald so I think I will go with that one!
  4. I vote Emerald!
  5. I have both, but my emerald gets more compliments!
  6. Emerald! I think Cognac will be around for along time, and easier to find if you want one down the road. Did you see this picture of both on the celebrity thread?
    Kristin Bell and Rachel Bilson - It may help you make your decision, seeing both together!
  7. Emerald!!
  8. emerald!
  9. Emerald!!!!
  10. I have the emerald duffle and the emerald large wristlet. The color is amazing - so another vote for emerald!
  11. I have Cognac and love it. Get tons of compliments and goes with almost everything.
  12. Another vote for emerald:smile:! I have 2 legacy items in emerald and I love the color so much!
  13. I have the cognac duffle and love it, it's a fantastic neutral... BUT if you "can't stop thinking of the Emerald", then that's your answer! ;)
  14. Thanks ladies! I ordered the Emerald :biggrin: I really could not stop thinking about it. I will somehow get my hands on the Cognac later. Thank you!
  15. So glad you made a decision you are happy with! Please reveal when you get her!