Legacy Duffle Colors

  1. The Archival Bucket Bag (style no. 21193) does not have removable straps like the Duffle bags do. See pic below:

  2. Uh oh, this may be a problem- I was hoping it could be worn crossbody (very important when carrying school books)! Dangit...now what am I going to do???

    Thanks for the info my friend, super appreciate it!!! Time to go back to the drawing board...
  3. That is a cute bag!! I wanna get it and use it for my lunch!! lol. I love the strap too. You should use it regardless of the hardware color. Its only the grommets. Unless it will REALLY bother you.
  4. So I've lost track...we can get the FNO sets in Sunflower, Black, Cobalt, Carnelian, Emerald, Fucshia and Grey? Any other ones? Thanks!
  5. Any updates on the mini duffles coming in these colors, I like several colors and I think is more practical for me to get mini duffles in a few colors instead of the big ones. I did order the regular duffle in mahogany cause I need a dark brown bag
  6. Oh boy! The Mahogany Duffle should be yummy! Can't wait to see your reveal!
  7. ooooo can't wait to see her! That was my first pick before I ordered the CB duffle!
  8. I've been contemplating between the UV and Violet duffle for a while (thanks to those that gave me opinions on your UV duffles) -- its difficult to make a purchase sight unseen, but I finally did it on the last day of PCE. A little nervous but excited at the same time. I didn't order from JAX, I called one of the FP stores that I frequently visit and told the SA that I was interested in seeing the UV and Violet but was planning to return one since neither was at the store for me to see. She was fine with that idea and so I will get to see them both later this week when they arrive. I asked that the bags be sent to the store instead of my house since I can just return the one I don't want right then as there. Too excited!! How do you all deal with having to wait for the arrival of your purchases?!? I'm just hoping that I do end up loving one or the other and not disappointed by both... but if I fall in love with both...uh oh.

    Thanks for letting me share my story.
  9. Since I ordered the burnt orange, I have been dreaming of purses. I can't wait for it to get here!!!
  10. I just got a pair of Mahogany heels and realized had no bag in that color so, why not a duffle?! It should be here by Wednesday
  11. Has anyone ordered the berry duffle yet? Just wondering if the Drilldown pic is the true color. It looks gorgeous!
  12. I really, really, really wanted to order it today, but there was 0 quantity available, so we couldn't order it :sad:!! I ordered the Violet one for now :smile:.
  13. I was thinking of ordering it today, but decided to go with Mahogany and wait to see if smaller bags come in those colors. I don't like to spend too much on non neutral colored bags.
  14. Did you try to order it thru a store or call JAX? I thought someone said it could be ordered.
  15. Does anyone own ultra violet duffle n aubergine gathered Sophia or Lindsey????