Legacy Duffle Clubhouse!!

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen show us your Legacy Duffles!
  2. image-3004880598.jpg
  3. I'm ashamed of showing my duffles...
  4. Come on....show em :smile:

    (enable me! PLEASE!)
  5. When I get home I will, but it's 6 of them that I have
  6. Don't be :smile: It doesn't matter how many anyone has I just love to see all the colors IRL. Everyone here loves bags or we wouldn't be on this forum and several have multiples. Come on show us your duffles PLEASE Lol!! :biggrin:
  7. 6 isn't bad at all :smile: there are so many colors 6 would be easy to pick!
  8. No duffles for me. I liked the classic round-bottomed duffle, but it's not worth the money and my outlet was not lucky enough to get it. :sad:
  9. image-1531085614.jpg
  10. My large black duffle

  11. You are far from the only one with multiple duffels...see Emilybug...:smile:..and others. I personally would have that many if I could. They are AWESOME!! I'll show my first later...
  12. Here's mine

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  13. Here's my violet duffle!
    I'm really surprised how much I love this bag! I bought it specifically for the color (LOVE it... wish more styles were offered in violet), but after carrying it for a couple days, I really love the duffle!

    First pic was taken the day it arrived.
    Second is after a couple days of use... already getting that lovely slouch. Color is truer in this pic.

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  14. LOVELY!!! Great color choices! Is that one in the back berry or black cherry?
  15. These are my duffles, the black multi colorblock is missing because I got it from the Macy's sale and should be here thrusday.

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