Legacy Duffle- Black Cherry or Violet

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  1. I took the Candace that I posted about last week back and now I am trying to decide what to get instead. I've decided on the duffle...just which color? I've seen the black cherry and I love it, but I really want a purple bag. I've seen ultraviolet but it is too bright for my tastes. No stores around me have the Violet, but I'm thinking it is a more muted purple. Any suggestions for me? I like the black cherry but I think I might LOVE the violet, if it's the purple I'm thinking it is. Does anybody know if it is similar to the purple of the Gathered Sophias and Lindsays? Thanks!
  2. Black Cherry!!!!!
  3. Black cherry. I just got one today at the Macy's sale and it's freaking gorgeous!!
  4. I say Black Cherry. Gorgeous color.
  5. I have the violet and absolutely love it! It is a true, rich purple color - darker and less red than the ultraviolet. I haven't seen the black cherry in real life, but it looks beautiful, too. I don't think you can make a bad decision either way!
  6. I saw all the colours in person and my favourite was berry but since I already had a pink bag, I went with my second favourite which is violet. It is such a beautiful purple, so rich!
  7. Black Cherry is very pretty in person. I didn't have a chance to see Violet in person, so I don't know how deep of a purple it is. Black Cherry is similar to bordeaux, so it would be a fabulous autumn neutral. Good luck!
  8. Tough choice ! They are both gorgeous colours. My vote goes to the black cherry :smile:
  9. I'm a red person, but black cherry is too dark for me since I like my colors bright and loud! I'll go with violet which is brighter!
  10. Cherry might be a good choice too. Black cherry is more brownish red while cherry is more purplish red.
  11. I vote Black Cherry
  12. Thanks everybody! I'm leaning towards the violet. I think I'm going to order it and if it isn't the right purple, I'll return it.