legacy dog collar

  1. I :heart: this dog collar and want to get it for my dog but I need advice…

    First, my dog is huge…he's a 95 lb white sheherd, would this look okay or do you think this is only for little dogs?

    Secondly, my dog is male…do you think this is "appropriate" for a male dog?

    Lastly…how do I convince my husband to let me put it on him???? :smile: He has said NO WAY before when I've said I want to get our dog a Coach collar. But it is sooooo cute!!!

  2. I've always thought the legacy stripe collars were really cool. I think it can definitely work for a male dog, because it's really only the pink stripe in the pattern that falls even a little more on the feminine side.

    I am sure that it will look appropriately substantial on your large dog, too. All four of our small dogs are currently wearing various XS Coach collars and even those look a good bit larger on them than their other collars do. I think by the time you get to XL, it's going to be a very chunky, heavy-duty looking collar (but still lovely). That may make your husband feel better about it!

    As for talking your husband into it, it's really just a very nice leather collar. Yeah, it's got a name associated with it, but it's not like everyone on the street is going to recognize that or ask him about it. They'll probably just comment that it's a nice collar, which it is. I think he can handle that ;). If it's price that's the problem for him, let him know you're getting a deal on eBay!
  3. Tell your husband you want it for the Dog to wear not him!! haha

    I think is would look great on your white male dog.
  4. I think the colors would look fabulous on a white dog! I have a white dog but have never gotten her a Coach collar because she would just roll in the mud with it anyway...:shrugs:
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice!!!

    My dog is lying on the floor next to me right now and I just asked him if he wanted Mommy to buy him a Coach collar...his ears perked up...So I think he really wants one!!! ;)
  6. I'd get it in a heartbeat!! I have an 80lb (female) yellow lab and I'd love to have it for her! The only reason I haven't is that she's been known to jump into pools and I would hate to have her destroy it!
  7. eeww that is a very good point! My mother in law lives on a lake and whenever we visit her my dog is in the water for hours...I'd need to remember to take it off before he went swimming....hmmmm...something to think about.

  8. It could be his "dress up" collar. You can get him one of the web ones from REI for when he goes to see grandma at the lake!

    I love the stripes! So far the only one that will fit my guy that I've seen at the outlet has been red patend or hot pink. He'd look good in the red but I'm holding out for the stripes!
  9. I can't speak about the Legacy collar (which is lovely, BTW), but our dearly departed Rottie, Cleo, had a beautiful Coach black leather collar and lead. I thought it was a classy accessory for a very classy pooch!

    And you can tell your DH that the Coach products do hold up well. In her more active days, she went swimming with it, rolled around in it...just cleaned it up, put some conditioner on it occasionally and it looked gorgeous. She had collars and leads from every major pet manufacturer (and we needed the tough stuff, because our 80 lbs. dog had a pretty strong pull when she was interested in something!) and really the leather held up the best!
  10. The dog collar is gorgeous! However, my DH would never put that collar on our 105lb. red/black German Shepherd. It wouldn't be manly enough for his best friend.
  11. Do it- it is sooo adorable.