Legacy Denim Slim Flap

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  1. Just wanted to show off the Christmas present I got from my parents. They picked it up for me at the outlet last September. It's the Legacy Denim Slim Flap and I love it!!
    SlimFlap1.jpg SlimFlap2.jpg SlimFlap3.jpg SlimFlap4.jpg SlimFlap5.jpg
  2. Very nice! Like the denim bags :yes:
  3. beautiful! I love that bag, congrats! :tup:
  4. ADORABLE!!!!! enjoy her! What NICE parents you have!!!!!
  5. Wow, I love that bag! You're so lucky!
  6. That is such a cute bag and I have never seen it IRl, very unique !

  7. I think it must be a pretty unique bag as well. I don't remember this style when the resort bags came out last year. I can't wait for the weather to stop raining so I can start using it. For now I just admire it and try it on over and over again!!
  8. I bought the same bag at the outlet this past Oct. I love the denim in that bag much better than the cotton denim in the Carly. I can't wait until I can bring that bag out! Enjoy your new bag!
  9. Cute!!! Congrats!!
  10. It's so beautiful.. you're lucky girl!!:tup:
  11. Congrats on the pressie! :tup:
  12. Oh how pretty!!!!!! I have the denim Ali just like yours and I really like it!!!! Can't wait for warmer weather:yes:
  13. I bought the 'hippie' version of this over the summer at the outlet (I wanna say over Labor Day?) I didn't get to use it too much...as I HAD to pull out my "fall bags"...but I can't wait to use this bag this spring! The denim and white just look so fresh together!

    Enjoyu it!
  14. Very cute. Congrats!!
  15. I love that bag! It was one of the ones I was looking for at the outlets :smile: