Legacy Denim '08, Luci, and some cute swingpacks!

  1. Seriously, if I didn't see these bags in the Look Book, I would have thought they were fake. I truly think they are that hideous. It's vachetta trim with a darker denim that you see there, but then it looks like there are random Cs appliquéd onto it. Weird. :search:

    Sorry for the poor pics, still figuring out the camera on my Blackberry.


    Gigi tote is #11582 $658

    Shoulder Bag is #11580 $448

    There is also a zip-around wallet that has a turnlock as well #41121 $298

    BUT, for you Miranda fans, there is also the Luci coming out. I really like her. And like a dork, I did not write down the stock # and I can't tell from my pic.


    I'm not seeing these on the drilldown yet.

    Also for you SwingPack fans, I saw these cuties at Macy's and Nordstom's:



    The swing packs have the little scarves tied onto them as well.
  2. Oh yeah, and they were showing the Gigi tote with khaki signature and white, and it is a STUNNING combo, also a "spectator" version like the shoulder bag in the catalog, gardenia white leather with dark brown leather trim.
  3. I only like the swingpacks, but could care less for the legacy denim.
  4. it looks like it may be 11645 or 11643
  5. The swingpacks are cute :yes:
  6. Oh wow, I like that Luci bag, I didn't know about that. So does anyone know the size of the Luci and what colors it's coming in? THX!
  7. I think (going from memory here -- Mom was rushing me) that the Lucy is going to be similiar in size to the Miranda, as the price is the same $798.
  8. I like the swing packs!
  9. Thanks for the pics and info, Kristan! Yeah, that first bag is really bad!
  10. The Luci is yummy! It's being called a Legacy bag, so I can't wait to see this one! MUST HAVE!
  11. Please someone tell us about Lucy any one with dimsions and colors ?
  12. I'm not a fan of any of those bags for some reason especially the denim!
  13. the Luci looks like a Bulga. I really like it. That would be one hot bag in juniper...
  14. Thanks for posting. None of these bags is for me, but its good to see whats coming out.
  15. I keep trying to pull these up on the drilldown, but no luck, hopefully soon. The manager of my boutique said the 28th for the new floorset.