Legacy Cotton Tote

  1. Does anybody have this bag from last Summer? Are the "C"'s symmetrical on both sides of the bag or are they off on the back side of the bag?? This is driving me crazy and i just want to see pictures of someone's cotton legacy tote - please!! I really want one, but if the C's are crazy on one side - it will probably drive me insane!!! TIA
  2. the front and back should be symmetrical (mirror image each side of a seam)...though sometimes the sides are not.
  3. That's what I thought. I was considering buying one one eBay (I posted it in the Authenticate thread), but the back side has the "C" s all over. The seller said it's like that because there are no side seams and the pattern is large C's??!! That doesn't seem like something coach would put up for sale. Thanks so much!!!
  4. I own this bag, purchased from boutique last Spring and the back seam doesn't match. When side pockets are zippered, the pulls hang down in front, so you always know front from back.
    Love the bag. Great for summer. I just got mine out again and compliments started up right away.
    Beware of fakes though, as this version went right to knock-offs within weeks.
  5. Thanks. Oh so it doesn't match on the back side?! Most of the bags match exactly and this bag (the one I saw) was totally off. Thanks for the info. I feel better now.

    ABBYtheBT- Do you like the Legacy Cotton Tote or the Carly Cotton tote better? I know the carly version is coming out in afew weeks and I don't know if I want to order that one or find an old Legacy cotton one on eBay. Thanks
  6. The Carly is easier to wear over your shoulder. The tote from last year isn't as comfortable to wear on your shoulder. I had one from last year I have since sold, and I used it more as a hand held bag. It was beautiful though, and I used to get a lot of compliments on it.
  7. Oops, sorry, just saw your post in the authenticate this thread. I'm talking about the bigger tote. The one you are bidding on is easy to put on your shoulder, but you'll be able to get more stuff in the Carly.
  8. That's okay!! Thanks for the response. So you didn't like the way last years bag sat on your shoulder?! That would bother me because i am definitely a shoulder bag person!! I think they are both beautiful, but I don't want to pay $500 for the chocolate Legacy cotton bag listed on eBay.
  9. The shoulder tote is a really good size/style for me. There's a standard "shoulder tote" size in Coaches line-up in most all of the fabrics/leathers.

    The Carly is good too, just wasnt available last year.

    I tried to go with a satchel over the winter, and never got used to it. I'm a shoulder toter all the way!
  10. Thanks Abby!! Well i guess it will be the chocolate carly because I lost on the Legacy on Ebay :sad: Oh well... Thanks for your help!!!