Legacy cotton signature material-questions??

  1. Hi,
    My mom is wanting to buy an 06 Legacy cotton sig tote. She knows I'm on here ALL THE TIME so she asked me if its hard to clean/keep clean and also how it holds up. I told her this is the one Coach material I know nothing about! Does anyone have a cotton material bag or know about them? Hard to keep clean? How is it holding up? TIA :yes:
  2. If you need a visual, here's the bag....:smile:
  3. I had one in that color, in the brown, and one in the cream. I didn't have any trouble keeping them clean, but I have had more bags than I want to admit to, and rotate them a lot.
  4. Thanks! Was it comfortable for everyday use? I know she wants this as an everyday bag rather than rotating it.
  5. It's a little heavy, and it really isn't meant to fit over the shoulder, it's more of a hand-held bag. If you're mom prefers a hand-held bag to a shoulder bag, she'll probably be happy with it - it hold a ton. It was a great work bag.
  6. thanks! :tup: I'll tell her. She likes to wear bags over her shoulder and she doesn't like really heavy bags. This may not be for her.
  7. I have the jade satchel in the cotton. It's heavy and because it's cotton, it's hard to keep clean. Also, if you try to clean it too much, the color will bleed from under the white. I ruined the backside of my satchel.