Legacy "Collection"

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  1. ... Forgive me if this has been posted, I tried searching and didn't see anything.

    My SA mentioned to me that there are rumblings that their will be a high end version of the legacy line called collection in 2009. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

    They are looking at expanding the "Bleeker" type to store to major cities all over the country and the line will be sold there. It's apparently going to be less expensive then the exotics but more expensive than what's currently available.

    I'm so excited about this potential addition.
  2. I seem to recall when they first announced the legacy stores the idea was the two original ones in NYC and LA and then expanding into certain other places. I hope they do. I love the store on Bleecker!
  3. Ooooh! Bring on the Legacy "Collection!" Legacy is my absolute favorite of all time so this is exciting news for me! Thanks for posting! :yes:
  4. I love legacy, and I wonder how they're going to make it "higher-end"? I really think that legacy looks pretty classy as is, so it will be interesting to see the new pieces... hopefully we find out more info on this soon!
  5. True! How can they make it even better than it is now? Now they use that nice thick leather and the great brass hardware & beautiful silk lining so what else is there? hmm, it will be interesting to see them.
  6. I LOVE the Legacy line but OUCH if it's going to be more expensive. I mean the Ali's were already $498, that's not exactly cheap.

    I can't wait to see what they come up with, I'm totally in love with this line!
  7. Yeah - Legacy is pretty high end now - I just got the Thompson Hobo and that bag was $698! Coach has a ton of exotic bags now that are in the thousands - I know they are popular and doing well right now, but if they get into the LV, Chanel, Balenciaga category price wise, I don't think they'll do as well and will alienate their core customers.
  8. That would be awesome if this were true! the legacy line is my absolute favorite!
  9. I personally want the higher price points. I love the brand but I'm growing tired of seeing it everywhere. This is why I don't buy signature bags.

    I like that the Legacy bags are more expensive so that less people in the Coach market will buy them. By pushing it up a notch I hope it will further the brand.
  10. There is one in LA?

    About the prices, there was an article in Business Week about infusing more expensive bags 700+ so that people can "aspire" to the higher-end bags with Coach as some do with LV (I can't remember who posted the link GreenPixie?) but I can totally seem them doing this. Look at how well the Lily did and that is the most expensive Coach bag I ever bought. With the exceptions of the exotics it is the most expensive, no? I think a new line of "higher-end" would do well, but I hadn't "heard" anything.
  11. LOL... here here! I actually don't see my bags on other people typically, but I don't own very much signature anymore. One time I was in Northpark and EVERYONE was carrying Coach, including the 12 year-olds (and they were real, not fakes). I said then, yea I need a new brand to buy. Since then 3Gucci's and 2 LV's later, I still go for my Coach first. Although, I love my Speedy.