Legacy collection, Pics please~

  1. I don't know if there a thread for Legacy collection, but I would like to see more pics and all in one thread. I am thinking to purchase a legacy shoulder bag, so I would like to see you with your bag as well, please (including accessories). If there was one, please lead me to the thread and close this one. TIA.:love:
  2. I did a search and didn't see a thread that contained just legacy collections so I think you're OK! Here's mine! :love:

    ETA: maybe do a search on legacy shoulder bags too. You'll probably find shots of other gals wearing theirs.
    legacy shoulder bag pond.jpg legacy accessories.jpg
  3. yes yes I love your blue legacy bag, thanks for the pics. (I did the research too and didn't find it)
  4. Here's me with the one I didn't keep ;) --

  5. Here are some...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. here is mine!
    The bag:


    The accessories:


  7. Here's mine:


    Legacy Shoulder Bag, French Wallet, Mini Skinny in Ebony/Khaki, Shoulder Zip and French Purse in white, pony-tail scarf and coin purse.
  8. GREAT thread, loving this line. OMG tlloveshim, the pond color is GORGEOUS! Maybe I should change my mind about my wristlet in whiskey and go pond - or get both!

    Impsola, is that wristlet of yours the whiskey color?
  9. Do you know anywhere that still sells the coin purse with pocket? ADORABLE!
  10. I love your white legacy combo!
  11. Thanks! That was my first white leather bag.
  12. I have the whiskey legacy wristlet. I've posted pics before, but some people already posted pics of it in this thread so I won't repeat. I love it though!
  13. Here's mine:
    the one's in the front for this photo (shoulder and wristlet)
  14. Here are mine so far. I would love more.

  15. Beautiful pieces everyone, I just love the Legacy line. I think my next purchase will be a shoulder bag for sure.