Legacy Canvas - would it get dirty easily!

  1. My first coach thread woot!

    Anyways, I'm going to Coach tomorrow for the second time this week, because the new stuff is out! and I had my heart set on an ergo hobo in turquoise (not sure what size yet) but there's so much stuff on the website that I WANT NOW!

    What do you guys think of this, the legacy canvas slim flap? http://www.coach.com/Content/Product.aspx?product_no=9385&category_id=116
    I sooo want it in blue, but it's a little more than I was planning on spending. But if I love it when I see it, I will get it...but how is the canvas? Does it get dirty easily? I usually stick to leather...and my LV's coated canvas, but that's a little different...

    Any insights would be appreciated!
  2. I saw the canvas Carly today and the canvas seems pretty tough and durable. It's not like a cheap tote bag or anything.
  3. i saw the blue in person and it is to die for and i am kicking myself for not ordering it during the PCE... i mean my white bag is cure but this color is gorgeous!!! the darker blue is like a royal and the baby blue is true baby blue not pond! it is gorgeous OMG i m so in love!!!

    so is the white/brown! the natural/citron is REALLY weird it looks like a dirty white with a side of a lemony baby puke green. Ugh!
  4. ^^uhoh...I totally agree! I loveee the blue color in this bag...but I love turquoise ergo hoboh too!

    Of the two, do you think either is likely to go to the outlets? If not, I'll probably end up getting one tomorrow and one in may as a grad present (hopefully)...
  5. I don't have any canvas so I can't comment, but the flap is very nice!
  6. I have a canvas legacy shoulder tote from last season. (with large brown CCs) Good news is wears pretty well, and light for summer, but I do wish I had put a protectorant on the cloth.
    I regretted at first not getting matching wallet, but that off-white would have picked up everthing on hands and in purse.
    Bottom-line: put something on the canvas!