Legacy Brown vs. Legacy Whiskey


What do you think of the Legacy Brown vs Legacy Whiskey?

  1. The Whiskey is a MUCH better color.

  2. The Brown is a great color and I like it!

  3. I like both the brown and whiskey equally.

  4. I don't like either one.

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  1. I got my Brown Legacy Satchel in the mail today.

    My final PCE purchase, yay! :drool: :yahoo: My PCE marathon: http://forum.purseblog.com/2255052-post112.html

    I wasn't sure how much I'd like the Brown color versus the Whiskey. But I really was surprised, and I love the Brown. I think it's just yummy. :yes: I took a bunch of pictures of it next to my Whiskey Ali for comparison so you could see the difference. Some with flash, and some without - so hopefully it'll show a true representation of the color.

    What do you all think of the Brown vs the Whiskey?
    IMG_1603.jpg IMG_1606.jpg IMG_1609.jpg IMG_1610.jpg IMG_1611.jpg
  2. Nice pompilit! You really had a good time this PCE didn't you? I like that brown!
  3. my vote was for both. those bags are nice :smile:
  4. I'm ify about my Ali in Brown, just wasn't wowed. But I definately like the brown more than whiskey. I am probably the only Coach legacy fan who isn't lovin' whiskey!?! The satchel is an outstanding bag! Enjoy it!
  5. I'm not a fan of the brown, but it looks good in the satchel.
  6. I voted for both colors. I thought I wouldn't like the Brown color based on the catalog photo, but I love your pictures of the satchel in that color. I think you made a great choice. Both colors look very 'rich.'

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  7. I like the colors that you got in both bags. The brown satchel and whiskey ali are equally gorgeous!
  8. i think the brown matches my boots! i m mad they didnt have it in the store before :cursing: they are both gorgeous!
  9. I voted for the brown - it looks gorgeous! The whiskey is too reddish for my liking.

  10. I TOTALLY AGREE i like the brown a LOT better!!! i think the whiskey is way too reddish it looks washed out the brown looks very rich and delicious!!!
  11. Hmm well I voted for both, because well I do like both! But after looking at your pictures, I think I like the brown more. Could also be because I absolutely love the Legacy satchel more than the Ali. If I had the $ I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
  12. i voted for brown...its a deep rich and glamorous color.
  13. First, I have to say that my favorite legacy color of all time is the Whiskey, that hasn't changed. However, I am totally loving the brown color. :drool: BUT I'm not loving the satchel. :crybaby: I'm really used to having a bag that can go on my shoulder comfortably and be "out of the way" so to speak. Sadly, I'm going to have to return the satchel, because it's just not the style of bag for me. :crybaby: I couldn't justify the price for a bag I'd hardly use, just because the color is TDF. But I'd still LOVE something in Brown! :heart:

    Does anyone know (or any SAs know) if Coach will make any of the other Legacy items in the Brown color?

  14. I know the Ali comes in brown. But I am wondering the same thing that Pompilit is inquiring about. I got the Mandy in Whiskey for the PCE and I like it, but I think I would LOVE it if it was Brown . . . . . Not quiet buyer's remorse, but . . . .
  15. Ok, *how* did I miss that? :wtf: And even after entheos mentioned it too? *sigh* sometimes I'm such a :wacko: and I need a lot of: :noggin:

    Thanks lalabelle7!

    Hm... MUST consider an Ali in brown.... :idea: