Legacy Boutique?

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  1. Apparently, we don't have one in the area where I live. Any thoughts on how to obtain something that says it's only available at Legacy Boutiques? Can't be ordered through Coach's website. :sad:

    Coach Leather Double Pocket Satchel #12276 - Brass/Green/Blue

    It's a beauty! And while I'd have to save up for it, I'm just curious how I could get it when I finally have the dough....

    ETA: Nevermind... I read more and figured it out. Duh! Cool concept. Hopefully there will be some left to order by phone when I have the money.
  2. Yup--just have to call the Legacy Boutique directly. Renie (another COACHIE) really wants the pink one in this style, but when she called the Legacy Boutique, they didn't have any in stock at all. They said they'd call her if they got any in.
  3. It's actually your signature that got me looking to find out what that bag was in the first place. :biggrin: I guess if I miss out on it, it won't be the end of the world. But it's such a cute bag!
  4. I was at the Legacy Boutique this weekend. Great store and great staff, if you're in the city, make time to go!
  5. I just got off the phone with the Legacy store and was told this bag sold out 2 weeks ago in all colors. They said they should be getting more in, but not until March or April.:crybaby:I guess I just save $300+
  6. Good to know! I should be saving my money anyway.
  7. It's SOOOO cute and tiny! Just about the size of a pouch!:love: