Legacy Boutique Exclusives

  1. What are they thinking with some of these?? :tdown:


  2. Yea, I saw those. Not a fan either.
  3. Yup I saw those too and I am not a fan either
  4. Yeah, I see what you mean. Sometimes the stuff isn't as cute as it could be.

    I just read something in a gossip mag (maybe US Weekly?) that had a section about wearing golds for the winter, and it had a clutch or small bag from Coach that looked like the second one but cuter. And mad expensive, lol.
  5. I know, really. Fringe? Seriously?
  6. [​IMG]

    I think this one is kinda cute!
  7. It looks like one of those old fashioned cigarette cases...

    Linda...showing her age maybe

  8. OMG,It does!! My grandma always had those!!!
  9. It totally does! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. OMG! I was thinking the same thing!:roflmfao:
  11. The gold is kinda cute...the fringe is... :wtf:
  12. The gold one looks like my Coach liptstick holder.
  13. The first thing I thought about that gold one was that it looked like a cig case too !

  14. I was thinking the same thing, all old lady ciggy case, and of course my Granny had one too, and it was GOLD :lol:
  15. I really like that gold piece. It's classic.

    A lot of the Legacy pieces are modeled after the Bonnie Cashin pieces in the 60's.