Legacy Boutique Exclusives!

  1. Remember how someone discovered that if one enters an A into the search field on Coach.com, bags that don't show up otherwise will show up? I did that and found a couple of things. I don't think they show up otherwise. Anyway, they're fun to look at!


    New LEGACY BOUTIQUE EXCLUSIVE ELLIE SATCHEL Everything about this large satchel says "iconic." Its roomy silhouette, modern detailing, sleek leather exterior and great strap length will make it a favorite for years to come.
    Inside zip pocket
    Cellphone/multi-function pockets
    Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
    Outside front pocket with snap closure
    Two framed front pockets with framed closure
    Open back pocket
    Zip-top closure
    Retro glovetan leather
    Legacy stripe fabric lining
    18” strap length
    9” drop
    15 (L) x 10 (H) x 6 (W)

    This product is exclusive to our Legacy Boutique. You may purchase this item by visiting the Legacy Boutique or calling 1 877 262 2404.

    Price: $698 Style No: 12257


    Sorry, I can't get a bigger picture! Darn! (from Coach.com)
  2. Next:


    Cellphone/multi-function pockets
    Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
    Two front pockets with turnlock closure
    Two back pockets with turnlock closure
    Glovetanned leather
    Legacy stripe fabric lining
    11 3/4” drop
    20 (L) x 12 (H) x 3 (W)

    This product is exclusive to our Legacy Boutique. You may purchase this item by visiting the Legacy Boutique or calling 1 877 262 2404.
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif][/FONT]
    Price: $498 Style No: 12258
    Again from coach.com
  3. I just got back from the Legacy Boutiqe on Bleeker Street and it is a great store.
    I saw these two bags and they are great. The satchel in particular is lightweight.
    I saw some lovely kisslock wristlets done in various shades of leather. I love this
    store and will visit it regularly.
  4. ^^ I really like the satchel! Not a good handbag for my lifestyle but it's really nice looking! I didn't post it but it also comes in gold and black. I wish the kisslock wristlets were on the site too! Not that I need to be getting another wristlet! LOL!
  5. oooohhhhh....I am loving the maddy halter. :drool: :love::love::love: You are soooo lucky to live near a legacy boutique.
  6. did you guys see the new link for the Legacy boutique under coach.com?
  7. FYI, in addition to the Vermillion, Black & Gold listed on the website, this satchel is also available in Lime & Turquoise(similar to Atlantic/Lily)!:tup:
  8. FYI, also available in OCEAN, which is supposed to be a darker blue, but not as deep as INK, sounds gorgeous!

    You can also see these Bleecker Exclusives by entering the Boutique from the COACH.com home page and selecting "Our Products".:tup:

    Additionally, the Ellie Satchel and the Maddy Halter bags are individually hand numbered like the Delphine Hobo!:wlae:
  9. Not crazy about the maddy, but the Ellie and the colors is comes in are nice
  10. awww man i wasnt able to go cuz i m sick :sad: wahhh
  11. I went to the legacy boutique today and had a ball. I was only able to spend about 20 min there which is ok because I would have gone crazy. I thought I would get a little thing but ended up with the Elle Satchel in Turquoise. I thought about the black but as I have a few other black bags I figured I would get something fun. I got bag #1 out of 35 made. I also bought a scarf that has a pic of the store on it. I will post pics soon. The bags have the legacy stripe on them and the bleecker horse logo. I was given a card for a FREE cupcake at the Magnolia Bakery. I didn't have time to enjoy the cupcake so I may go back next week. They had TONS of Fab jewlery!
  12. Congrats on your Elle Satchel. I also purchased the Bleer Store Printed Scarf while visiting the Legacy Boutique. It is a great store!
  13. Oooh! I cant see that I'm going to need a trip to New York sometime soon! That store looks great.

    I'm not really a satchel girl right now but I am a kisslock fan and the Elle is pretty. I don't like the Maddy much-it reminds me of a vest or a bra, something about it. But I'm intrigued by the color Ocean, I hope they come out with some bag in that color in the future. I also wish they had the kisslock wristlets online!
  14. Wow! How fun to see those things. Thanks for sharing pics for those of us who don't have a Legacy store close by!
  15. Congrats on your Ellie satchel please tell us about it. By its dimensions it sounds bigger than the Lily is that true? I love the color you are so lucky!
    Maybe I will call and try and get one! I debating between the ellie satchel and the black leather bleecker shopper but I bet the ellie is allready sold out in this color all I can do is try!:yes: