Legacy Black Cherry Items

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  1. I'm really enjoying all the colors the Legacy collection comes in and have purchased a few pieces. However, I've been wanting something in Black Cherry but haven't decided what to get yet. Currently, there aren't too many items on the Coach website so I've decided to gather all the drill down pics that I have found in other threads and put them in this thread. Thought it may be helpful for others as well. If I am missing any, feel free to add. Style number, item name and price are listed above each picture.

    19889 - legacy leather duffle - $348

    19890 - legacy leather medium candace carryall - $398

    19893 - legacy leather large duffle - $398

    19914 - legacy penny shoulder purse - $198

    19924 - legacy leather tanner tote - $498

    21132 - legacy leather molly satchel - $348

    21192 - legacy archival top zip satchel - $398

    21193 - legacy archival bucket bag - $398

    21194 - legacy archival rambler - $348

    47989 - legacy leather swingpack - $148
  2. Here are the black cherry accessories that I am aware of.

    48003 - legacy leather slim envelope - $218

    48010 - legacy leather card case - $38

    48021 - legacy leather large clutch - $158

    48025 - legacy leather large wristlet - $108
  3. Great thread! This is specifically the color I would like to check out when I go to my FP store on Friday! Thanks. Katherine
  4. do we know if legacy leather slim envelope is available to order? I also can't wait to see this in real life. Thanks for starting this thread :smile:
  5. I ordered that wallet the other day in UV. I don't recall my SA saying it was available in Black Cherry but then again, I wasn't looking for it in that color. Maybe someone else who knows can chime in. :smile:
  6. I can't wait to see what you get in this color! :biggrin:
  7. Thank you for this! I'm longing for something in black cherry, and it's very helpful to see them all together.
  8. Candace. Omg. Beautiful! I love my Candace in Cognac but omg I need it in black cherry!
  9. Not a big fan of legacy but this color is spectacular enough that I am considering a Molly
  10. Thanks for taking the time to do this...can't wait until Saturday when I get to see black cherry IRL!:P
  11. Love, love, love this color!
  12. Nice! Can we do this for tourmaline?
  13. I should get my large duffle today!!! Finally it shipped!!
  14. I just ordered Molly in black cherry. I have it in black, and once I get the black cherry I'll decide which one I want to keep! ;) I'm thinking the black is going back!
  15. I can't wait to see pics. I think you'll be sending the black back too. :biggrin: